Victor M250S Indoor Humane Electronic Mouse Trap – No Touch, No See Electric Instant Kill Mouse Trap – 4 Traps

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Kills mice with humane high-voltage shock Kills up to 100 mice per set of four “AA” batteries (not included) Improved design: easy to bait, easy to clean, no touch disposal 100% kill rate: beveled columns trap mice in place Indoor use only

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Brand Victor Color Black Style 4 Material humane Product Dimensions 6.3″L x 3.3″W x 1.7″H Item Weight 0.5 Pounds Number of Pieces 4 Is Electric Yes Target Species Mouse Item Weight 8 ounces Manufacturer Woodstream ASIN B07BZVXJB4 Item model number M250S Customer Reviews 3.9 3.9 out of 5 stars

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3.9 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #101 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden)

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Product Dimensions

6.3"L x 3.3"W x 1.7"H

Item Weight

0.5 Pounds

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Best Sellers Rank

#101 in Patio, Lawn & Garden (See Top 100 in Patio, Lawn & Garden) #13 in Pest Control Traps

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


49 reviews for Victor M250S Indoor Humane Electronic Mouse Trap – No Touch, No See Electric Instant Kill Mouse Trap – 4 Traps

  1. Liz

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow 1st few days…

    Product arrived quickly, easy to set up, easy access to put batteries in, bait, etc.WOW is for how it worked! Let me tell ya…at first I tried the humane traps to relocate the little buggers.They’d catch a mouse now and then, but I saw mice, yes that is plural, mice, running across a room or jumping off one of my house plants, literally every time I walked through my house, day or night. I don’t like the idea of killing them but hey, I was finding mouse poop EVERYWHERE and shredded things that were once items of clothing or paperwork. When I saw mouse poop all over my kitchen counters one morning that was it, I got online to check out my options. I knew I had to get serious and do something about the mice. I had tried the typical snap traps, and once a week I’d catch a young mouse but I saw large mice leaving large poopies, yuck! I was looking for a product that would work quickly, although I want them out of my house I didn’t want them stuck on some glue pad suffering all day. I bought these and figured I’d give them a chance and I got 8 of them to place strategically throughout the house and also in my pigeon loft. I used a tiny bit of almond butter since it is what I had in the kitchen at the time, and it is a very small bait area, a dab of peanut or almond butter on the end of your pinky finger is all it takes. The next morning EVERY TRAP HAD CAUGHT A MOUSE!!! I was amazed. I knew I had a few mice, but to catch 8 in one night? WOW! I noticed as soon as I looked at the traps I saw a mouse tail sticking out, and knew I had a mouse in there. A couple I saw no tail but opened them up and there were very young mice in there, so I have a darn mouse hatchery here! So let me tell ya, I also have some Parakeets and a Canary, and the past few weeks their normally peaceful nights were disturbed by the mice. When you have pet birds, you know as soon as it gets dark they go to sleep. A bird chirping or flapping wings in the night is not normal, it means they’re being disturbed, and in my case it was by mice. When my birds were disturbed, so was I, as I’m a light sleeper. It really ticked me off my poor birds couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep. So the night I set these traps, I placed them under where the birds are, since that is where most mouse poopies were, obviously scavenging the few bird seeds that fell on the floor. The traps not only worked outstandingly, but they must be very fast, because I did not hear one whistle, peep or flap of wings in the night, so my birds were not disturbed at all. I also checked the traps I placed in my pigeon loft, also all traps out there were successful, each one had a mouse. The top of the trap portion flips open easily, tip it upside down and the dead mouse falls right out. I had a bucket of dead mice, I placed out near the edge of the cornfield for the buzzards, who promptly flew in for mouse breakfast. Although I really do not like killing them, I do not want them in my house or in my pigeon loft as they spread illness and destroy quite a bit. I have a black snake in one of my sheds catching mice but that dude isn’t even making a dent, I have serious rodent overpopulation going on here, I had to take some action. Poisons are not a option as I have a dog, chickens, the visiting snake in my other shed, owls or hawks that visit, and a neighbor’s cat often visits to hunt mice; I do not want to harm any other animals that may ingest a mouse full of poison. I would highly recommend these traps! In fact, I will be buying more to place them in my other shed as well. Thank you for inventing a product that works and is easy to set, clean and reset.UPDATESo I had purchased 8 traps initially. I caught a mouse in each trap 3 days straight, that’s 24 mice, large and small, no problem. I saw the part where the mouse goes in was in need of cleaning, with some of the almond nut butter smeared and mouse fur. Since the nut butter won’t really come off without soap and water, the units will come apart easily from the section where the batteries go so that they can be cleaned. Those sections just slide right apart. So, I took them apart and proceeded to wipe out the nut butter and then I placed them in a bucket with warm water and dish soap to clean them properly. The directions said to clean them so they will not have the scent of dead mice. After cleaning them I rinsed them and dried them, and set them on the deck in the sun to completely dry. I then put fresh almond nut butter in the bait space and snapped them into place, reassembling the units, the other part with the batteries did not need cleaning, but I did put in brand new fresh batteries, and set them up for more mice in my pigeon loft, as I saw there were still some mice running around. Well, I am not sure what happened, but no more mice have been caught. I figured I must have bought some dud batteries, so I went and bought more, a different type at a different store. Same result, no more mice are going into the traps. So now my question is…when you disassemble them to clean, is it essential they go back with the same original unit? They all look identical, they all have the exact same way they snap into place, so that is going to be a problem to figure out at this point. The only other conclusion is that the mice are getting wise, so I moved the traps to different spots. Still no mice will go in. Instead, now I have ants going in eating the darn bait! But no more mice are going in. Well…now what?!So I read through all of the other peoples’ questions and found this…”We do not recommend rinsing the plates but rather wiping them with a damp cloth and a hydrogen peroxide solution” and “clean it thoroughly after each kill with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip or paper towel to ensure the contacts stay clean” so I suspect that the metal contact plates are still funky with nut butter. I will clean them and try to reset everything up again, because there are still mice running around.

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  2. Caleb Slocumb

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Highly effective, no mess, mouse trap. Excellent for beginners.

    Listen. Before recently ( last year, as of the time I am writing this review, ) I have had no experience dealing with mice, or using any kinds of mouse traps. I did however, know that the traditional snap mouse traps almost always cause a very unsightly mess upon successfully making a catch. It was something I definitely did not want to have to see if I could avoid it. I also would not like to have been cleaning it up. So I looked for alternative traps that do the job in a different way. Glue traps are cruel and inhumane to a very extreme degree, causing much pain and suffering, and a slow agonizing death to any mouse that happens to fall into one And as much as I dislike mice, I don’t want to put the creatures through such horrific torture. They feel things, just like we humans do. I came across these Victor battery mouse traps, and they check off all the boxes. Quick, clean and deadly. I have counted 4 mice so far, and have also managed to eliminate that many. One of those four mice managed to get in and back out of the traps successfully one time only. This may have been because it was a smaller one, or because the batteries were not fully charged. It would later be caught and face the same demise of the other 3 however. With 4 out of 5 entries into these traps being “successful”, I would rate the traps as having approximately an 80% success rate ( which is very good in my opinion, especially considering the clean-up it spares you, as well sparing you the need to look at the eliminated prey after the job is done.)… If used correctly, the most you will see is a tail sticking out of the entrance of the trap where the mouse went in. If you have a bag ready, turn the trap upside down before opening it, drop the mouse into the bag, and then tie the bag without aiming your eyes at whats inside, you will not have to see the mouse at all. You will feel its weight in the bag though as you carry it to wherever you are going to dispose of it.I’m very satisfied with these traps, which is why I have purchased a total of 3. Whenever I get a catch, I take the batteries out, recharge them ( Yes, I use rechargeable batteries ), and then set the trap back up again, using chocolate as bait.If you are squeamish, have a mouse problem, and want to address it in an effective manner, do not delay… These are the traps you are looking for.

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  3. S. Ruby

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mouse:1 Me:0 (so far)…’s now 2 to 1 !

    I purchased three of these for different areas (open back porch, garage and open front porch). Arrived in 4 hours (amazing!). Easy to set up and intuitive. Also easy to empty (if there was a mouse….). I like the design. No poison and the deceased mouse is enclosed, so my dog won’t start to use it like a stuffed toy. Perfect!So far the trap worked very fast. First mouse encounter within 3 hours. Set it against a wall, just as recommended. Green light flash. BINGO! First rodent casualty. Took the electrocution chamber off, went to the disposal area, opened the door…and what did I find? Bait gone…and a pile of mouse poop. No mouse.I think that I created a Franken-mouse. A few hundred volts didn’t phase my little rodent…except to blow the poop out of him. I swear that when I went to dump the chamber there was a high pitched laugh from the corner of the patio. Maybe it’s just my imagination.Oh well. It was easy to clean out. Reload and replace.Watch out critter. I haven’t given up yet.Will update this review in the future. Gotta run. Quasimodo-mouse is knocking at the door.Update – about 5 days. Frankenmouse:2 Me: 0 It’s not looking good for this product.fOk. Update #2. It’s now Frankenmouse 2, Me:1 Seemed pretty effective. Let’s see how it performs with a re-loaded bait chamber. (Easy to empty and reload). Because of the updated score, I bumped this up to 4 stars!

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  4. VolsLover94

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Mouse trap ever!!!

    This is the absolute best mouse trap I have ever tried; bar-none period (it’s even your better than your beloved pussy cat) in every way that I can think of besides the fact that it does cost money. The trap is easy to bait, easy to set, and easy to dispose of the dead mice (which will be every single one you need to eliminate)! They will be caught/killed 99.9% of the time without much of mess besides a drop or two of mouse pee every now and then, which can be rinsed out easily. It will even kill those little pesky bastards that repeatively out-smart your conventional spring-type traps. I have been having 100% success using pretzel sticks and peanut butter. I first use one pretzel stick to scoop out a pea-sized bit of peanut butter. Next I break that part off and put it in the bait cup instead of using only peanut butter like the instructions say. Next, I use the remainder of that one pretzel stick (broken into pieces) to make a little bait trail leading to the trap with one piece placed in the trap entryway just before it is totally out of sight. After he/she has devouredthe my free offerings, they will start to smell the irresistible aroma of peanut butter. As they chomp on my final tasty gift and go a little bit further past a partition wall inside the trap, they will finally see that the food that is creating such a delicious the smell does exist just ahead. At this precise moment in this process, I bet everywould-be victim is overcomewith a sudden, uncontrollable desire to greedily start gorging themselves on this unbelievable bounty presented before them. However upon taking the small step in order to reach this fabulous feast, the victim has unknowingly stepped on the second metal pad (closing an electrical circuit) which leads to an instantaneous deadly flow of electricity through their body. The electrocution process is silent and happens at speed of light without any lengthy wait on death row or even having any chance of a last minute pardon (unless you forget to turn the trap on or have weak batteries! But all jokes aside, it sounds pretty violent but the tiny mouse is dead instantaneously and he/she probably never knew what the hell happened, but YOU WILL….no more filthly, disease carrying mouse! Only thing left to do now is empty or replace (at a cost) the death chamber, re-bait, and get ready to give many more heartfelt goodbyes to the rest of the mouse’s family!! However, my experience has been that re-baiting is usually unnecessary; as long as your first offering is still good and fresh. Needless to say, but as a reminder, the trail of pretzels I suggested will ALWAYS need to be replaced but by no means necessary in order to have success. The main reason that I like to put the extra bit of luring bait to see if it’s there later thus reporting to me whether or not all the mice have been eradicated, sincehungry mice absolutely cannot resist the fragrant temptation of pretzels and peanut butter. There are only 2 reasons that I can think of why mice wouldn’t want to endulge themselves with this irresistible bait combination is because either they’re not hungry at the time or they are not in house anymore (which is preferred IMO)! The extra baiting around the trap is really more of a mouse presence indicator for me and not required to rid your home of pests. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about this trap. It’s worth every stinking penny and I don’t brag on many products or leave a lot of positive reviews unless I feel it will be beneficial to others. Boy, I really wish I was the one that invented this or that I could buy stock in this (either way, I would be wealthy)!!! All of my life I’ve heard people say that you can’t build a better mouse trap! After using this one, I would have to respond by saying, “YES you absolutely CAN and Victor has done it even better with their second attempt some 100+ years later!! Now even you will be able to confidently say, “Death to all you nasty, scurrying,##@@@, $$##@@, mice!!! I WILL get you _______ now!” Or whichever descriptive words work for you. Haha

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  5. Kat Moon – The Kat Life

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    If you need it, don’t hesitate.

    I think it goes without saying that this is a product that I would have preferred not to have purchased; no one wants to deal with a mouse problem. But when I saw a mouse run into my closet, I knew I was going to have to do something about it. I’m extremely squeamish when it comes to creepy crawlies.Playing hypersonic sounds from my smart speaker was not chasing the mouse out of my closet. The sounds of cats meowing weren’t scaring the mouse away. The mouse wasn’t deterred by the smell of peppermint, lemongrass, or lavender. This mouse wanted to be in my room making itself cozy in my closet, and was happy to leave little poopies all around my room while I was asleep or at work. So it was time to get a trap, as much as I didn’t want to buy a mousetrap.I didn’t want to get a sticky trap, even if I’m not a fan of creepy crawlies, I don’t want them to suffer or have to “unalive” them myself once they’re on the trap. I also wanted a clean option, seeing as the issue was in my CLOSET with all of my clothes. I also preferred something I didn’t have to see or touch, so this trap was my best option.So let’s get to the point… This trap WORKS, but you do have to put it in the right place. I originally set this trap on the wall next to my closet and didn’t catch anything for 4 nights. So I refreshed the bait and moved that trap into my closet, where the mouse (or should I say MICE) were hanging out. Then, not even an hour after I shut my lights out for the night, I noticed a little flash coming from the closet, in about 30-second intervals… so I got out of bed and looked into the closet… and that’s when I saw a little tail sticking out of the trap.That was also when, to my dismay, I realized I had more than one mouse, because there was another mouse making some racket in my closet. So in the morning, I had someone braver than me empty the trap, and I set the trap back into the closet, before I even cleaned it properly. A few hours later, I’m sitting at my desk, and I hear a click and some buzzing… so I check the closet, and the green light is flashing AGAIN, and there’s another little tail in there.So… needless to say, this thing works with good placement, good batteries, and a little bit of peanut butter. So if you have a mouse and you’re considering this trap, don’t hesitate on this purchase. It gets the job done.

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  6. melissadpa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    the GREATEST mouse trap!!!

    Having mice has been extremely taxing but this trap definately helps ease the stress!!! Snap traps were our first attempt and they don’t work….at least not for these mice. I have been told that the sticky traps are the only option but I just can’t…..I mean, if I had to, maybe. But I saw this on Amazon and I thought I would try electrocution first.If you figure out the vermins’ route, this trap is the greatest!! Although our house is clean, we have been here for a long time so there is an accumulation of crap so it took a while to figure out where the mice were coming and going. But once we did, we have electrocuated 5 so far (2 within 3 hours of each other). It is easy peasy 1, 2, 3sey. The mouse goes in and gets electrocuted. You see just the tip of the tail. Then you turn off the power on the top of the trap, put the trap in a bag, through the bag, unhinge the side, and the mouse falls out. You don’t have to see it or touch it or kill it yourself. It’s great.Now there is a light that will flash if a mouse is in the trap, but ir turns out they, were coming in through the wall behind the radiator in the guest room and hiding in the guest closet. I have the door just slightly cracked open with the trap entrance behind it and killed 4 mice in 36 hours. I hope to GOD that is all of them but I am also not being naive. All of our food is in storage containers so at the very least, there is currently no food source in the house. I saw mice this summer in the retaining wall in our back yard so my guess is, at this point, it’s more about having a warm place to nest. Fingers crossed it was caught early but I am also not about to let my guard down.Side note, there is a little jolt sometimes when the trap is closed and you turn the power on. It doesn’t hurt at all. Actually, I feel that it is the traps way of telling me that the batteries are good and it’s ready!!

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  7. Mike

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    They work, but awkward to handle

    These work but they are a little more difficult to empty. Detaching the catch chamber is not really useful. The LED indicating the trap was full flashes too slowly. I have to hover over the traps for 17 seconds each to determine if they are full. Another brand I have include a brighter LED and it flashes more frequently, making it easier to check traps from day to day. I would not buy these again.

  8. Samira

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best Mouse Catcher!

    Before I tried this mouse trap I tried using pellets, but the mice just collected it like candy for two weeks. So I tried this electronic device and in less than three days I trapped four mice who had infiltrated my bathroom vanity. The trap is easy to set up and the dead mice are not messy to clean up as long as you check the trap every day. For that reason, its best to place the trap where you see mouse droppings and where you can readily access it for daily inspection. I used a tiny dab of peanut butter in the bait compartment, making sure that it did not get on the metal plates.The downside to this trap is that it needs four AA batteries and the batteries do not last more than a few days, if a dead mouse is in the trap. So you may want to use rechargeable batteries.This device is much more humane than spring traps because the mouse is killed as soon as it steps onto the metal plates. So it doesn’t seem to suffer. Also, it is easy to open the lid and drop the expired mouse out. I also like it better than pellets because this way the mouse doesn’t die in the walls leaving a bad smell in the house.

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  9. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Was Ready To Return….UNTIL

    I had read literally HUNDREDS of reviews for this product, both good and bad, but leaned more towards the positive when I decided to place my order. We had been finding “evidence” of these little critters for months on our counter, black stove and in kitchen drawers, but nowhere else. We had two cats that usually took care of the problem for us, but one of them moved out this summer with his owner. That’s when we found out that the tuxedo kitty was WORTHLESS and were about ready to borrow the one that had moved out for a few months to show Mr. Tuxedo what a “real” cat is supposed to do!!Enter the Victor M250S Indoor Electronic Humane Mouse Trap.When I was scrubbing the stove one day, awaiting our new kitty replacement, I noticed there was an area that was especially dirty below the digital dials for the temp & time, etc. I thought that was just a regular vent that heat comes out of when in use, but apparently, it’s a super-highway for our vermin friends to gain access to our counter. The few times we didn’t get a chance to do dishes before bedtime, we would awaken to used frying pans on the stove that one could only describe as a community port a potty for these ba&%#rds that had invaded our home.When our Victor trap arrived on 12/28/2022, I did exactly as instructed. Put in fresh batteries, put a tiny piece of peanut butter in the space provided being extra careful not to get any on the electric part using rubber gloves so as not to transfer my scent, then placed it on the counter next to the stove.Day #1 nothing but mouse poop on the spoon rest on the counter.Day #2. Made sure nothing edible was on the counter or stove. Nothing.Day #3, same thing.Day #4 God as my witness, that night my roomie fried up a few pieces of ham in a pan and sat down to eat. I walked past the kitchen to the living room, sat down and saw something out of the corner of my eye in the kitchen. All the lights were still on which made it very easy for me to see that one of our furry enemies was on the stove heading towards that frying pan!! He got up on the ledge of it and it must have still been too hot for his little feet, so he backed off and scurried behind the stovetop but not so much that I wasn’t able to see his paws and nose twitching, just waiting for the pan to cool down. I situated myself so I could see straight into the kitchen to view his little antics and sure enough, about 5 minutes later, there he was….IN THE DAMN FRYING PAN. I got of my chair quickly, walked towards the kitchen and stomped on the floor, thinking that would scare him off, but all he did was jump out the pan, turn around on the stove, and had a stare-down with me!!!OK, GAME ON!!!I took the frying pan, put it in the sink with soap and hot water and proceeded to set him up for his demise. Keep in mind that this whole time, the Victor trap was only inches away from the stove this whole time with peanut butter in it. Apparently OUR mouse had a more discerning pallet and preferred meat protein. I donned rubber gloves and carefully cleaned out the peanut butter and got out my jar of saved bacon grease. He was gonna LOVE this, I just knew it. I smeared a tiny dab of grease in the designated spot and set the trap next to the stove. I then took about a teaspoon of grease in another frying pan, heated it up to melt, then placed the pan on the counter right next to the trap. I knew the smell would be irresistible to him. I swear he was actually watching me as I was using the stove!! It took him maybe 2 minutes once I backed away, to get on the counter. He meandered to the frying pan immediately. It must have still been warm, because he backed off and proceeded to clean his little paws while perched ON TOP OF THE TRAP that was right next to the frying pan!! Bath time completed, he hopped into the frying pan and proceeded to lick off what little grease he could, then scurried back behind the stove.Day #5, nothing.Day #6, nothing.Day #7, the roomie and I both got a touch of the flu and barely went into the kitchen for anything.Day #9, I was more on the mend and went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. No green light and I couldn’t even remember if I had re-set the trap because I was so disappointed in the product. Not sure if it’s really the fault of the product or not. OUR mouse was just too smart and apparently a picky eater. Because we had the flu, there wasn’t anything on or near the counter for any “visitors” to eat. I took a look at the trap and no light was flashing and my brief look inside didn’t appear to have one in it so I set it back down on the counter. I was going to return the trap later that day but since I was there, I would slide the on/off switch to make sure it was set. When I did, it smelled funny; kind of an electrical smell and I wondered if, since I hadn’t been feeling well, that I hadn’t been able to smell that when we first got it and that that was what was keeping the critters away from it. I went back to my day and didn’t think about it for a few hours until I mentioned it to my roommate. She asked if I was certain it hadn’t caught something. I double checked, and sure enough, it was full! The bacon grease worked!!An hour later, the roomie was making a piece of toast. She had left a stick of butter on the counter the night before to thaw and this is what she found. Pic attached. It looks they were eating it like a cob of corn. This had never happened before! I don’t know if the mouse the trap caught had eaten the butter before getting on the trap or if he has friends that like meat protein too, but we were totally grossed out!I’ll be re-setting the trap with butter this time to see if any friends are tempted.Be patient and try different kinds of bait. It works!!*** UPDATE ***That next night, the trap caught another big fat one and we haven’t seen any new poop on the counter since. I find it hard to believe that we only had 2 total in the whole house, but time will tell. I’m going to put some fresh batteries and fresh butter and keep it on the counter until we are convinced we have them all. Being that it’s small enough to not be in our way for cooking, etc., there’s no reason not to keep it up and set. VERY happy with our results!!

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  10. SMB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    If it’s a choice between my pets and them…

    I hate having to even use these but if it’s a choice between keeping my pets safe from disease and my home free from mouse droppings I will choose this route every time. And there’s no way I’d use any other device- While my ultimate preference would be a no-kill trap and release, they’d only make their way back and I’m sorry… I can’t jump in the car and drive them a mile or two away every time I catch one. The snap traps aren’t a guarantee- There’s a chance it will land on a leg, which they’ll chew off. Or it won’t kill them and they’ll lay there in pain and the very thought of that makes me incredibly sad. The glue traps- Same thing or they’ll suffer for days before they die. Same with the poison (that’s not immediate). Or the 5 gallon buckets they climb into and supposedly can’t get out of, which alternatively can be filled with water… Drowning? No thank you. At least these devices let them pass pretty much instantaneously. Again, I HATE even having to do this but of all of the other options this seems the most humane (outside of setting them free but like I said… I just cannot get in a car each time and drive them a mile or two away). And these traps work EVERY_TIME. Less than a week after we found where they were getting in, ‘Great Stuff Pest Control’ foam was applied to seal up some holes and a couple of these were set up (one in the basement ceiling tiles and another on the main floor where they were coming up through the exterior plumbing / electrical holes that were never sealed… Mouse problem COMPLETELY_GONE. I live in the woods and fully expect a random ‘visitor’ to find *somewhere* to get in…. Eventually. But I know these traps will take care of the problem and it won’t get out of control- Because it can very quickly otherwise.

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  11. MelanieMelanie

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    So the reason I’m giving 4 stars is because the first mouse trap ordered was defective. The trap would turn green and make the buzz sound to show it was “working” but everyday our little mice friends would just eat the bait and escape unharmed.So they resent a new one and oh ma gad. Couldn’t be more pleased and happy. Literally these mice were annoying. Everything in our pantry would be eaten and destroyed. Feces everywhere. So far love this item. 🤞

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  12. jlh77

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow – amazing

    Update – works well the FIRST time. The replacement cartridges.. not so much. Not sure if it’s the replacement piece or the main hub, but the green light flashed, I went to dump it and attach a new one, accidentally flipped the lid open and there was a live mouse in there that literally jumped onto my chest. Screamed bloody murder, it ran .. and I am now super paranoid it’s catching them but not zapping them. Sooo.. works great the first time you use it, then defaults. $30 seems like a lot for a one time use trap.These mouse traps are amazing. They actually work.. and you don’t have to see or clean anything up. Caught 2 – 1 in each trap – within hours. Just bought 2 more. Green light flashes when it’s caught one and easy to dispose. Highly recommend if you have a mouse problems and don’t want to see or clean a traditional trap. Also good for my pets – not worried one of them will get snapped.

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  13. T. Leighow

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Effective

    Bought this to put in a garage. Was surprised after just two days to see a large mouse tail hanging out of the trap and the green LED flashing. Mouse was dead and easy to clean out from the top of the trap. I was equally shocked to see another mouse just days later also dead. Although they say you can replace the death chamber (my wording) it is easy to remove them with some gloves. I do use glue traps but the electronic method does seem much more effective and humane as i have found mice trapped in the glue trap, but not dead.

  14. Skip

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Don’t rely on the LED to let you know they work very well.

    I didn’t have wait long before I knew they worked. Put them in my garage and within a couple days, both traps had caught a mouse. I really don’t know when the mice came to their demise as neither unit displayed the LED notification. Only way I knew was I saw the tails sticking out. The last traps I tried were single use and they worked, but then I started seeing droppings around the new traps, but none ventured inside. Time will tell.

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  15. Barbara R. Wagner

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    These traps are amazing!

    We had signs of mice in our home and store and the traditional traps did nothing! They just ate the bait without it tripping! I bought three of these and extra refillable. So far killed 7 mice! And no mess and no need to touch the mouse. I was tired of having my food destroyed and discarded! I declared war and I feel like I’m winning 🥇

  16. Tom

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This trap really works, worth the price!

    We had a problem with what we thought was a mouse in our car. To our surprise we caught 3 mice in the car in the first week of use. The other traps we used the mouse was able to steal the bait and get out. One time the mouse chewed through the plastic to get out of the trap. This trap is excellent, much better than any we have tried and easy to use.

  17. Deonna Loughman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Difficult to remove the chamber

    Works fairly quickly and since I don’t like to see mice I chose to buy extra chambers. You still see the little tail sticking out the back which is kind of surprising at first. There was no indicator light to show when a mouse was caught but the long tail sticking out did give it away. On the con side it is quite difficult to get the chamber separated so it can be thrown away. Not an issue if you don’t mind opening it up and emptying it but if you specifically buy extra chambers to avoid it then the last thing you want to do is struggle to get the chamber off with a mouse tail hanging out the back. Would be a great improvement with a release button of some sort.

    7 people found this helpful

  18. karen adams

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hell yea it works!

    Love everything about it, easy to bait, easy to set (just close the doors and push the on button), easy to empty and locate or relocate at will. Worked the very first night to catch our elusive friend, tried the manual traps, bait and sticky pads, he’d found a way to navigate around them all and keep being a pest. Now we are armed and ready to see if he has any “friends”. Highly recommend, it works when others fail.

  19. Ray Rouse

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful product

    Haven’t had a mouse in years. Field next to our house was plowed and suddenly we had a visitor. Friend let us borrow their mouse trap and success overnight. Ordered one for us incase there might be another one. Easy to use. Fast results with no mess. Very pleased.

  20. S. Balderree

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A truly better Mouse Trap

    This is absolutely the best Mouse Trap that we have tried. We are in the country, and as soon as the weather started cooling off the mice started moving in. Regular mouse traps worked for a couple of weeks, until the mice got smarter and figured out how to get the peanut butter off without setting the trap off. I just can’t stand the thought of sticky traps, and the slow death that those cause. With this Mouse Trap the mice never get to the bait, they have a quick zap and that’s it. Many times the trap will catch 2 mice. Easy to empty, no mess. Highly recommended.

  21. dagnytags

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    No cat–no problem…this will do the trick

    Ahh–so someone has built a better mousetrap, and of course it’s Victor! Growing up Victor, snap traps were an ever present device in the house. The tell-tale snap would alert you to their efficient accomplishment, but now Victor has indeed developed a “better mousetrap. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), it delivers a quick, humane shock to the little beast, kills them instantly, and allows for multiple use. It’s tidier than the snaps and kinder as often the snaps missed their mark and just caught the little critter by it’s legs or tail and then you’d have to dispose of the struggling little beast. This trap is re-useable and effecient, has a little LED light to let you know when a mouse is in the “house”…he’s dead, not to worry. Then you empty and re-set. I did find the emptying a little complicated, simple once you get the hang of it; I would suggest you practice a few times before setting so that when you empty the first time it’s quick and easy. It’s a good product for the price.

  22. Meowow

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    When I TELL YOU, I have tried near EVERYTHING. I have Lysoled my car and shop vacced it 3X because this stupid pesky mouse keeps getting in. Every time I clean it, I find more nasty, disease spreading poop. Being a very clean, borderline OCD person, this was driving me CRAZY. I have tried 1) ultrasonic sound makers, set out 4 sticky traps outside the car duck taped to the garage floor, 2 sticky traps underneath the seats, have put snap traps on the passenger floor, scent pods that are anti mouse in the engine compartment, horribly strong smelling air fresheners under each seat (to the point of headaches), soaked the carpets in Lysol, used hidden round traps that snap the entry hole closed, and kept my hood open and NOTHING worked (sticky trap worked one time for one mouse and then that was it). This electronic mouse trap killed it on the FIRST NIGHT. I was overjoyed. I stared at that little mother trucker for like a solid minute, considering all the trouble I’d gone through and how incredibly smart and sneaky he was. Anyway, I immediately came here to write this review and buy more. Highly suggest. I’ve tried near everything. This worked first night.

    One person found this helpful

  23. vanessa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    They work great!

    At first I was skeptical because I placed two of them at my kitchen because I knew there was one that was always around the stove. But I’m guessing that mouse was smart enough not to go in. I ended up using an old fashioned trap and it caught it. I still kept two of these electric ones just in case there were other ones. To my surprise it did caught one one day. A week later it caught two other ones. I was so shocked! I didn’t know we had more mice in the apartment. We dispose of them and then re-install them. No mess at all. I am so glad I purchased these.

  24. Susan V.

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I didn’t take a photo. If there are more mice, I will take a picture next time and add it to my review. There were two little mice in the trap. I used a sesame stick as bait. One of the two mice ate it because it was not in the trap. I set the trap in a high traffic area and within 24 hours there were two mice in it. This trap is effective and humane. I used a sesame stick because I was afraid peanut butter would leave a mess and I don’t want to damage the equipment. To remove the mice, I put on latex gloves, turned the trap off, opened the compartment and turned the whole unit over into a plastic bag. I recommend this trap.

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  25. Rhonda Adkins

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The best ever traps!

    These traps work as promised! I’ve caught 6 mice in two days. I purchased after market replacement chambers so I wouldn’t have to see/clean chambers. Previously I only caught two mice with traditional traps in two months. These are pet safe and worth every penny. My only challenges have been the small bait chamber (I use a toothpick to apply sunflower seed butter) and separating the chamber from the unit.

  26. Carol Kline

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It works

    Have had a mouse problem for years. Used the bait stations but obviously never saw the end result and was tired of cleaning the area. These traps work well. I thought they were supposed to blink when a mouse had been caught but mine haven’t and that the reason for only 4 stars. I have to pick up the trap and look to see if a mouse has been caught. Not a deal breaker but a flashing light would make it so much better. Disposal is easy.

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  27. Jay

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works after all

    I set this up on 11/11 shortly after realizing that a mouse had made its way into our home. I tried PB like suggested in the instructions, no luck for a few days. We changed it to a piece of cheese, still no luck. Finally, I baked a cake and decided to stick a piece of the bread itself in there. No luck. We left the trap as is and low and behold, today 12/5 I saw the light flashing green, indicating that the trap was activated. So it took some time, unfortunately lots of damage to our doors/walls from the mouse scratching and creating his paths, but glad we finally caught him.

  28. Jorge Barrera

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It works as advertised

    I was not expecting this to be as effective as it it is. I used it in my basement ceiling where I was hearing some mouse sounds at night. Once I put it up there through an access panel, I only had to wait 30 minutes.You can hear the mouse trying to use the vents to get at the peanut butter I used. After a few minutes the noises suddenly stopped. I checked the trap 30 minutes later and the light was flashing and was a bit heavier when I picked it up. Once I brought the trap out in the open I could see the tail sticking out. This trap works really well.

  29. Pegggs

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great trap, but under the Star rating…it has SCENT??? What the????

    Had a mouse since last December; my husband saw it once I never did -had other traps, a humane one, and 2 of those round D Con traps, never cautht a thing. Also had this one up, but word of caution, for it to be ON the button has to be SLID OVER the “O” so the straight line you see…that is ON. I had it slid to the ___ side, so you could see the O (wrong way) so I didn’t catch anything. this year when it got cold 2 weeks ago, put it back up but did it correctly this time.. Caught one mouse in 2 days, rebaited it, caught another mouse the next day ! I bought one more trap and also the Smart WIFI one which didn’t come yet but I have 2 traps up. this morning nothing. My HOUSE mice only came out at night apparenlty when all is quiet and dark..I had not clue I had 2 mice in the house…so now left to wonder if more! SO like I said bought 2 more traps we shall see but so far it’s the only trap that worked and quickly too! I will open and reuse the catch part of it, but I do have and could just throw that part out as I have 2 more refill “Catch” parts. At first I had a friend empty the dead mouse part but easy enough; I can do it. (I am a scared of mouse 65 yr old woman!)

    2 people found this helpful

  30. TK

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The only thing that worked!!

    I have been fighting with this one mouse for Months!! I could hear it in my cabinets and drawers at night. I probably looked like a crazy person opening all of my cabinets and drawers at 2am too many times!! It chewed through my cabinets and ate my knife handles too!! I’ve had my drawers in my kitchen empty for a couple of months while I’ve tried EVERYTHING humane to get rid of it and deter it from my home.FYI: Peanut butter alone did not work! I saw a review that said they used crackers. I had graham crackers so I put a couple broken pieces in with the peanut butter. Night 2 of putting that down, my dog and I heard the “zap” a couple of minutes after my alarm went off this morning and it was definitely in there and not moving. I just threw out that compartment. I bought the two compartment refills.I am Not an animal killer by Any means! But what a relief!! I’m going to clean my drawers and cabinets one more time and hope it was just one and that’s the end of it!! I’m so grateful for this product!!

  31. Matthew Pedzick

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent! Very easy to use and humane mouse trap

    I have never had an issue with mice in my house, probably because I have three cats. Well since the cats are all seniors now, their mousing days are over. I noticed some mouse droppings in one of my kitchen drawers and then in the lazy Susan. One evening I went to make toast and a LIVE mouse jumped out from behind the toaster and ran down the wall behind my oven! I practically had a heart attack! I immediately went in search of a good mouse trap, I didn’t like the glue traps that seems inhumane to me, yes even for a little mouse, the old fashioned traps with the spring, no thanks. I don’t want to get up close and personal with any dead mouse. So I bought two of the Victor Indoor electronic traps (my husband laughed and said they would never work). I put one on the side of my stove and one behind the toaster and waited. For 3 weeks NOTHING. I kept checking the traps to make sure they were working, the batteries were installed correctly….I moved one to the lazy Susan and in 24 hours, the light was blinking! Easy to get rid of the dead mouse, just slide the trap chamber off and open the top lid. I did notice some mouse hair and gook on the metal plate so I just wiped it clean with a paper towel. I also noticed the smell, I actually noticed the odor when I walked into my kitchen, couldn’t figure out what exactly it was? But when I opened the trap I knew. After emptying the trap of the dead mouse, and wiping it clean, I placed the trap in my garage with the lid open to air out and that worked great. Now it’s loaded and in the lazy Susan waiting for the next mouse to enter! I highly recommend these traps.

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  32. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Effective and quick

    We had some Houdini mice that could escape every trap we set. Live traps, clamp traps, old school snap traps… peanut butter gone but no mouse. With this trap they don’t even get to eat the bait before they are gone. It can be a little loud, and there is a slight burnt hair smell, but it was very quick.

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  33. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best mouse trap ever

    I love the fact that these are instant kill traps but I don’t have to see or touch the dead mouse and the trap is reusable and easy to clean. It also notifies you when you have a mouse to dispose of. Great product.

  34. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Mouse Trap!

    This is the best mouse trap I have ever used! Easy to use and easy cleanup. I have seen overnight results if you are wanting to get rid of mice fast. Very highly recommend this trap.

  35. Emily

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really a great product. Wish I bought one sooner!

    After finding empty snap traps with missing bait over and over again, I decided to finally try an electric trap, and boy did I wish I hadn’t hesitated. No more bloody, messy traps, no more being afraid of catching my fingers, no more anticipation of a loud SNAP in the middle of the night that will make my heart race, and no more wasting food for bait.Just spread a little peanut butter (no fancy bait needed) in the bait chamber, load the 4 AA batteries, and turn it on. Find a good spot and wait. You’ll know a mouse was caught when a green light flashes on top of the trap.The genius of the design is that there are two metal plates inside. When the mouse walks into the zig zagging trap, it cannot turn around. It will walk towards the bait, and once it has its front feet on the front plate and its back feet on the rear plate, it completes the circuit, electrocuting the mouse. That means that the trap is only using power when a mouse is inside – you can run it all day and night and it won’t kill the batteries. Plus, the mouse never makes it to the bait! So you don’t have to replace it. Just put the trap back and turn it on again.When a mouse is trapped, you can open the top and dump it out. Now hear me out – I may be a small town country girl, but I am terrified of mice and roaches and all those nasty god forsaken creatures. Yes, even the dead ones. Unfortunately you still gotta see the dead mouse inside, unless there is some other way to dispose of it that I haven’t figured out. Good thing is you don’t have to touch it. With a snap trap, you gotta put your fingers near the nasty mouse to pick up the trap and throw it away. Na-uh. No thanks.Now there’s just 2 reasons I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5 – it’s not truly no-see, and the trap chamber is pretty damn small. I caught 3 mice in it on separate days, but one of those mice was a big sucker and he was kinda stuck in there. I had to shake the trap to get em out.I’m so glad I bought this trap. I’ve been worried about sanitary issues and attracting rattlesnakes. My kitchen is now mouse free and I’m not afraid to walk into there at night or early in the morning anymore. Thank you for making this product available on Amazon!

    66 people found this helpful

  36. Jennifer lierJennifer lier

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hell yeah!

    So I put this in for about an hour and it zapped this little guy. Or big guy I should say. Not quite a rat but a mouse on steroids- he was stunned and still breathing so I threw a cup on him and drove him into the country and let him out. Yeah judge away but I couldn’t kill it. Highly recommend this product. Also- have snap traps and bucket traps and neither have done squat.

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  37. bruce1

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Traps

    These are the best as I have tried every snap trap out there. The mice will steal the peanut butter and never set off the snap trap. The electronic mouse trap will kill the mice graveyard dead. I will never use another type trap other than the electronic trap.

  38. Pam Wills

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I was hesitant on the potential quality of this but decided to give it a try anyway. Added a dab of peanut butter as bait, loaded 4 AA batteries (not included) and set it.5 hours later, problem solved. Are you kidding me? 5 hours?! To say that I’m AMAZED is an understatement. If you’re squeamish, this is for you.

  39. Rita W.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It works!

    So I purchased this product because I was frustrated with the mouse traps I was using, the mouse would get the food but it would not set off the trap. I had a pesky mouse that just kept showing up and I was having a hard time catching it and I hate mice in my house especially my kitchen! So I purchased this one based on some reviews.The positives: well the gadget worked, not the first night but the second one it did. There is no blood, I assume it’s pretty instant. If you remove the batteries as instructed, you won’t get shocked and you can reuse them multiple times.The negatives: from the instructions I was under the impression that once the mouse was inside and dead the green light would stay on so you would know there was a mouse in there. There was no green light so when I picked up there gadget I was startled to see a tail hanging out of the end of the portal. I didn’t like that, I don’t like handling mice at all. You also have to take the batteries out before you disconnect or remove the mouse. That is understandable because you don’t want to get shot to yourself. But it does require grasping the gadget with both hands in order to disconnect the two pieces. The latch to remove the mouse it’s a little difficult to open so I suggest using gloves because a mask probably walked all over it before it went in. And then you are able to tip the container over and the mouse will fall out into the trash. The place where you put the feed to lower the mouse and is very tiny. I used peanut butter which worked but it was messy and hard to clean up. I suggest using a teeny tiny piece of cracker and put the peanut butter on it.My suggestions for improvements is to make the latch easier to open, and improve the green lite issue so you know a mouse is there.Overall, great product tho!

    27 people found this helpful

  40. rrr

    4.0 out of 5 stars



  41. Anish Patel

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Catches mice – enough said

    This unit is fantastic, I got 2 in the pack. They run on AA batteries, and one set of batteries is apparently good for 100 mice.I have had these for a couple of weeks, managed to catch 5 mice in that time. One was big, so big, most of its tail was still hanging out of the unit. The others have all been a lot smaller, fully contained within the unit. There is a green flashing light which lets you know when a mouse has triggered the trap.One bit of great info I read online was to bait with peanut butter, but to do it with something like a cue tip so you don’t transfer any of your smell onto the trap. Not sure how much of that to read into it, but it definitely seems effective.Removing the mice is the worse part, you lift the latch and upturn the unit into your waste bin. If you only caught small mice, you’d have a chance of not seeing it, but the bigger ones, you’ll have no chance.

    6 people found this helpful

  42. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It works!

    This was our first electronic mouse trap. We needed something though, since our mice were too crafty for the old style traps. While I love animals, I can’t have mice all over the house! So we were pleased that this trap worked, and seems like it’s quick so they don’t suffer much. We’ve caught 3 mice so far, and will keep using this trap.

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  43. Edwin G.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Spectacular mouse trap

    Very reliable I advise to use peanut butter as bait live by the fields there’s constantly filled by specially when it gets cold captured over two dozen within a week with the same bait

  44. June

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Life changing

    I love this trap. We have trapped 2 mice in a 24 hour period. I used Parmesan cheese in this trap. I have a different style of trap that had been successful in the past but these little guys weren’t having anything to do with them. Despite the tasty peanut butter. What I really like about this one is it is easy to set food in the tray, you can actually look in it and see that there is a mouse without having to see it’s completely dead body, and you can either dump and reuse or disconnect the compartment and dispose. This has been life changing. I have been terrified by these little pests for 2 weeks. Feeling hopeful that life will be good again. PS we are also getting 2 cats. We had to say goodbye to our previous cat nearly a year ago and wasn’t sure we wanted another one. This little incident convinced us that we do need a cat, or two, in our lives.

  45. Arlene Woroniecki

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive and WORTH EVERY DIME

    Mice go in and don’t come out. I don’t have risk the finger snap. No longer have to beg neighbors (that I don’t know that well), to come remove dead disgusting mice. If you are looking for the proverbial BETTER MOUSE TRAP, this it!!!

    One person found this helpful

  46. Sean S Rogers

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great so far

    Did it’s job in less than an hour and much less noise / violence compared to snap traps. We were having difficulty with the smaller mice still not setting off the traps and getting a free peanut butter buffet. With this design, there is no spring or lever to trigger, only touch. This trap won’t work for bigger rodents that get squeeze into the chamber, but for small mice this is perfect. Unit was easy to re-use as is, but the option of buying the refill chambers and never having to clean one out / see the rodent is nice.

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  47. Brandon

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Listen I just got home about 2 hours ago to open this package. Maybe even less time. I put my own batteries in (they arent included), set the trap, listened to the loud buzzing sound that it made, knew it was armed, and walked upstairs! After a tragic couple of MWIII games and a snack I had upstairs, that little SOB couldn’t WAIT to come get its own snack with a shocking suprise. Peace of mind immediately. I peeked in the trap and thought I saw something but was reassured when I saw a tail out the opening side.This trap is GREAT

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  48. Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent trap.

    Easy, quiet,clean,deadly! My daughters cat is thoroughly disgruntled; as he has been deposed.

  49. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Lots of dead mice

    Use Xtra peanut butter to entice the mice. The mouse will go on a feeding frenzy slowly building confidence that they are safe. They’ll follow it back to the kill chamber. Killed about 7 so far. No killing of live mice on sticky traps.

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