Corona 33 in. Carbon Steel Resharpenable Lopper

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8 reviews for Corona 33 in. Carbon Steel Resharpenable Lopper

  1. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Take care of the Blades and keep them sharp, this will last a long time.

  2. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    The Corona Clippers are the best clippers I ever had. Adjustable and easy to handle. We live in the country and have a lot of shrubbery on our property. This is my second set, first set got abused and one of the fiberglass handles broke.Good price

  3. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Good quality. Have other Corona products and have had good luck with them. The blade makes the difference in quality. I like that it can be resharpened. Hate cheap blades that become dull and can’t make a smooth clean cut.

  4. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I bought these to replace a neighbors I borrowed. They work awesome for higher branches, except the extenders seem to turn very easily unlocking the handles.

  5. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    L. Simrell

    Coronaaked decent bypass hand pruners, so I ordered these. They broke soon after using them. Amazon replaced them and I’ll see how the new ones hold up. If they work as well as I expected them to, I’ll come back and add a star or two.

  6. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Svetlana Maevski

    Great product

  7. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Karen McDuffie

    Any Crorona is great in my yard. I like the long reach provided by these handles. BUT be warned. It’s heavyeee.

  8. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jennifer Mcarthur

    Love the way the handles extend and retrack and easily lock into place. They are a bit on the heavy side.

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