REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, Black

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The original blow-dry brush, the Revlon One-Step™ Volumizer, creates salon-quality blowouts in up to half the time*.
Improved motor life. Dry, smooth and style your hair in up to half the time with 36% less breakage**. Say goodbye to
flat, dull strands — this blowout brush gives your hair 22% more shine*** while boosting volume and lift. The natural
and nylon bristles slide through your locks while smoothing frizz and infusing shine for oh-so-healthy-looking tresses.
This super-fast hot air brush takes you from damp to styled in one step. A time- and money-saving hair tool, skip the
salon and create beautiful blowouts yourself with the Revlon One-Step™ Volumizer. *Versus drying and styling separately.
**Based on third-party testing of a leading blow-dryer brush in the market. ***Based on testing by an independent
third-party lab.



The original blow-dry brush, the Revlon One-Step™ Volumizer, creates salon-quality blowouts in up to half the time*.
Improved motor life. Dry, smooth and style your hair in up to half the time with 36% less breakage**. Say goodbye to
flat, dull strands — this blowout brush gives your hair 22% more shine*** while boosting volume and lift. The natural
and nylon bristles slide through your locks while smoothing frizz and infusing shine for oh-so-healthy-looking tresses.
This super-fast hot air brush takes you from damp to styled in one step. A time- and money-saving hair tool, skip the
salon and create beautiful blowouts yourself with the Revlon One-Step™ Volumizer. *Versus drying and styling separately.
**Based on third-party testing of a leading blow-dryer brush in the market. ***Based on testing by an independent
third-party lab.

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62 reviews for REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, Black

  1. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    The brush is heavy, but it works really well. You do have to practise a bit if you want to get the perfect look, but since I usually don’t have time for that, it’s much more convenient than using a brush in one hand and a traditional dryer in the other at late night when I just want my hair to be not wet.Low speed heat to style hair in small sections, High speed heat to just get it dry quickly.Good buy.

  2. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    It definitely dries my hair faster than my traditional hair dryer. My hair comes out straighter as well. I’m just not sure if it has the same bounce as using my brush. I’m happy I bought it but I’m going back and forth with both dryers. I think this dryer may tame my frizzy hair better in humid weather. That’s a win.

  3. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I like the fact that this is not just a blow dryer, but also a hair straightener and a volumizer all in one. My hair gets really nice and soft and creates that volume that I need to make my hair really nice and sexy. It doesn’t take a long time for me to use this; probably 10 minutes max. This is by far my favorite blow dryer hairbrush ever.

  4. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I like this one because I’m super lazy about my hair. I usually just let the air dry it, but I don’t want to go out with my hair wet in winter. So I bought this one, and it’s perfect. I get my hair done in less than 7 minutes; I have much hair, but it’s easy to manage. So I speak from my experience.

  5. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Like, wow, who is that Wookiee over there LOTS. I have looked into having a third arm surgically implanted (Is this a thing? Who would do it? Vascular surgery? Orthopedic surgery?These are the questions that keep me up at night🤔) because my shoulders are so tired holding up a dryer and a round brush for eternity. I briefly considered making a workout video (“Toned Arms: the Hairdryer Workout”), but was informed by fitness people that there isn’t a market for a 75-minute focus on the anterior deltoids. I almost have to wake up BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP in order to have enough time to dry my hair before work.This thing took me 8 minutes. I naturally assumed, upon finishing, that I had entered some sort of Amazon-created beauty time warp. I checked with my husband, in the next room, and in fact I did not go through a blowout wormhole. The silkier-than-silk style was accomplished by this miracle of a brush in 8 minutes (several more minutes were lost to running my hands through my hair and flicking it over my shoulder while smiling coquettishly in the mirror).If you struggle with an over abundance of hair like I do, seriously consider giving this amazing contraption a try.

  6. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    J. Winters

    I got this dryer mostly for vacation so I wouldn’t have to lug extra hair appliances. However, I’m finding that I LOVE IT for every day use! It has a small learning curve but if you go online and watch some videos on its use it’s not hard to get used to it. I can dry and style my medium length hair in 10 minutes on medium heat. I like that it has many heat settings too!

  7. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Chrissy WeaverChrissy Weaver

    I never had the patience for the blow dryer for my long thick curly hair and I could never afford a blowout and honestly I’m a mother first but I haven’t had my hair done and over 4 years at this point and I would love to get it done but then I bought this lovely creation here and it was a game changer. Now I do believe I still deserve to get my hair done at a salon because it does need to be cut I need my lighters back and it needs to be dyed because I am getting older and I have grays, but nobody’s treating me special to that so this was amazing and I’m glad I purchased it it was worth every penny and it was worth getting the asurion warranty because these instruments are very faulty especially with very thick curly hair and I have not found a better one than Revlon but then again I also can’t afford to get my haircut so I love this product I recommend it and it’s a pretty looking one and it is different from the one that’s cheaper I guess it’s lower level than the one I’m talking about here in the photo that I purchased but it’s the pink one and that one’s great too and that’s what put me on to this pretty shiny one and that metal makes a difference in your hair and makes it softer and I don’t look like a lion in the morning when I blow dry my hair at night and it takes minutes when it used to take me almost an hour or more to dry my hair out. Hey Revlon, if you read my review take a look at my picture and I would totally do a commercial for you guys! I’ll do it just like those old sexy Pantene pro-v commercials and how they used to be! Hahaha we could do slow motion I’ll swing my hair back and forth It’s about 34 in Long. Now you have to dye my hair first though and I’ll do it for free after that just let me get my hair done the whole works. Lol jk. Thank you Amazon for letting me write a humorous review but it was honest and I hope other potential buyers read my review and make the right decision to purchase this item because it is worth it especially to spend the extra couple bucks to get the asurion warranty because we know as females are hair dryers and hair equipment type stuff can easily be faulted and this protects you for 3 years and I can’t even get minento last a year before it falls out on me and that’s not by human error but because of the use of it and my hair thickness and you know I don’t have to explain to you guys it’s probably a bunch of females that already have this product or if not trust me and get it by the way guys follow me on Instagram @poshwithbiddy for all the cute hair pics. I’m just kidding I’m not posting cute hair pics I’m just posting funny stuff and I just learned how to do reels and I’m trying to get views so help me out guys plus get this freaking product because you need this in your life I use it twice a day! And it’s also perfect for when you just need to straighten up and add volume to your hair real quick before you walk out the door I’m telling you if you don’t buy this product it’s probably cuz you’re broke but if you’re not broke this is it. Lol I hope I made someone laugh today because this review I made just made my day and it made me laugh so I hope you guys have a lovely evening as I’m writing this review at night because I’m bored.bRevlon give me a job I need one!

  8. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    I just used this tool for the first time and I am HOOKED! It is truly amazing, and so easy! I am not talented at hair and thought I’d never be able to achieve a salon like blowout at home… until I used this brush!! My hair looks and feels amazing after my first time using! And all in a matter of 10 min tops. Highly recommend!!

  9. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This was great for my thick curly hair that I usually have to straighten if I want it to look like this. I did use two salon products prior (detangling primer and leave in treatment). It took a quarter of the time which was amazing!The barrel is bigger than I expected, but I’m not mad about it. It gets really hot so I ended up having to turn it down to medium.I’m giving it 4 stars because the soft bristles are very smooshed after my first use, which sounds like a common problem with this product. But other than that, I think it’s great!

  10. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    barbara l behrendt

    I didn’t think I would like this, I thought I would have to section off my hair. No such thing, you use like a blow dryer and style as you go! I have really curly hair and this made my hair pin straight. The only complaint is that it gets a little heavy, but that’s a small price to pay for hair that looks fabulous!

  11. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This review is based on my hair (very fine, thin, and easily damaged) and the different features each has.First the original: still my favorite over all for style and lasting volume! If it had the removable brush and 3 temp settings, it would be hands down perfection! Even with shirt hair I get amazing volume and shine that lasts all day. Yes it gets HOT! I’ve actually set off smoke detectors in a hotel, but I also use a lot of products that cause the smoke. But the results are worth it and if using a heat protector no damage. It doesn’t get tangled in your hair, I’ve used it on my daughter’s long thick hair, and never has it gotten tangled.The 2: it’s slightly smaller, less bristles, and doesn’t get as hot. If you have short hair this one works good, but I still need the heat from the original. This one is lighter, this is a plus. But I would highly recommend the original over the 2.The 2 plus: I love the detachable brush, I just got my hair cut in a tapered short bob so I love popping the brush off and using my tiny round brush. I love the 3 heat settings, but honestly I can’t tell a lot of difference from the high and medium. The material of the barrel is different and doesn’t get as hot, so you lose volume and shine. It’s lighter weight and handle makes it comfortable to use, but again it affects results. If you worry about heat damage or have wrist pain/issues, this one is definitely worth the money.I would highly recommend the original and 2 plus, they are by far the better of the 3. But the original is hands down the BEST! The only change it needs is a removable brush head. Other than that it works and has truly made a world of difference in my hair! I can’t live without it!!!

  12. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Gregg Walsh

    I hesitated to buy this hairdryer, but after using it for almost 3 months I’m really pleased that I did. It’s cut my drying time in half and I only use this dryer. Before I had to use my dryer than my flat iron to style my short bob haircut, now I just use this dryer. The only drawback is this is pretty loud, I have to use earplugs. Love that the end of the dryer has plastic to protect my fingers from getting burnt while styling my hair. Hope you enjoy this hairdryer as much as I have. Before I leave, I want to say the cord does not tangle and this dryer is pretty light.

  13. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I live my life and make my purchases based on other people’s reviews, so I figured I would write one for this! I have thick, pretty dry coarse hair, down to about my elbow, and this product is AMAZING. Let me start by saying I have a 3 year old, 1 year old and 3 month old, so time is of the essence when doing my hair. My two older kids were in the tub, so I decided to try this brush out. I kid you not it took me 20 minutes. My hair was damp, which definitely helped speed up the process, rather than dripping wet. It LOOKS very frizzy when you’re doing it, but once I combed it and threw some tea tree lavender oil in it after, it was beautiful. I’m so impressed, worth absolutely every penny.

  14. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    S. Williams

    I will always have one of these. It’s easy to use, reliable, not too heavy, add volume and seems to be easier on the hair than using a flat iron. One of the few hair tools that always does what it says it will, is easy to use and holds up over time.

  15. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Anthony Silva

    I hardly leave reviews but this is the best! I have very thick hair and dread hair wash days just because it takes me over an hour to fully dry and style my hair with little ones that are clingers. I showered let my hair air dry a little then used this and it took 15 minutes to dry and style with this!!!! Buy it!

  16. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I absolutely love this! I have long hair and a lot of it. This actually dries my hair much faster than using a regular hair dryer and brush. You don’t need a more expensive one. This has a strong motor and I don’t have to use a flat iron after I blow it out straight. Less damage on my hair.

  17. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Brenda P.

    I love this blow dryer brush with my long hair and extensions. It smooths out the frizz and helps my hair look awesome! I was recommended this product by my hairdresser and I am so glad I took her advice! I highly recommend this brush!

  18. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Mary K. Holtolivas

    I have always wanted to be able to fix my hair like a stylist does and I never could until I got this. Game changer for sure!! So, easy to maneuver and with 4 settings to choose from makes it even easier to style the way you need too. I would recommend.

  19. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    What my hair has been searching for I am in love! I’m always busy never have time to do my hair + (curly) it’s always in a bun. I’ve gotten to the point where I want to cut my hair again. Thanks to this right after my hair dries I add some heat protectant spray and get to it & WHALA done in about 15 minutes.

  20. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Richard Smalls

    My hair feels so shiny and sliky, as someone with super curly hair i never thought i would ever have straight hair that wasnt greasy or stiff, i have been proven wrong, it does get very hot so be careful about that and i noticed after using it my room was a bit smokey so i opened a door and turned on the fan but other then that i love this brush!

  21. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Stephanie Graham

    I’ve been using the product for almost a year now. After 6 months, I was too rough with it one day and a pin that holds the barrel in place slightly broke and it started to become wiggly. But, because of how easy, and relatively affordable, this is to use i just bought a new one. If this was more expensive I would take a point off for durability, but it was my fault it broke.I never used to consistently do my hair until I got this hairbrush hairdryer combo. It’s super easy to use and if you have layers or long bangs you can make your hair look super voluminous. I let my hair towel/air dry when I’m getting ready and then before I leave my hair will be dry enough to take 2 mins to style it with this tool. Or if I’m in a real rush I just use it on my bangs and it looks amazing!

  22. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Juan Correa

    This versatile tool has exceeded all my expectations, making it an absolute game-changer for my hair care routine.First and foremost, I was impressed with how quickly this 4 in 1 Styling Tool dries my hair. The powerful hot air stream combined with the ceramic oval barrel ensures that my hair is dried evenly and efficiently without any damage. This feature is a lifesaver, especially on those busy mornings when I’m running late and need to style my hair quickly.The Hair Dryer and Styler Volumizer function is where this brush truly shines. It effortlessly adds volume, lift, and bounce to my hair, giving it a salon-worthy finish in no time. I love the way it smooths out my frizz and leaves my hair with a gorgeous, silky texture.Another aspect worth mentioning is the hair straightening function. The Hot Air Brush Hair Straightener feature is perfect for those days when I want sleek, straight hair without using additional flat irons. It’s not only convenient but also gentler on my hair, reducing the risk of damage caused by excessive heat exposure.Furthermore, the design of the Hair Dryer Brush is incredibly ergonomic and lightweight, making it easy to handle and control while styling. The swivel cord adds an extra layer of convenience, preventing tangling and allowing me to reach every section of my hair effortlessly.Last but not least, the price point for this 4 in 1 Styling Tool is unbeatable for the value it offers. Considering the salon-quality results it delivers and the various functions it combines, it’s an investment that’s worth every penny.

  23. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I had a retractable bristle version of this but it was discontinued. I was super hesitant to try this because I figured my easy-to-tangle long hair would rip out or get caught. While this does NOT produce curls, it is great at giving a quasi-professional looking blow out with lots of volume. You need this in your arsenal!

  24. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Ok, so I have frizzy hair and I am still learning how to style it. But I bought this Revlon blowdryer and with a little, and I mean a little practice, my hair is smooth and shiny! I have thin hair so it doesn’t hold a curl well but that’s not the dryers fault. Also, make sure to take extra time at your roots so you don’t get bumpy/frizzy patches. But overall, I am 100% happy with my purchase and it was so affordable! Highly recommend.

  25. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    AE Brown

    The prices for hot hair brushes are all over the place, and I did some digging into reviews and reports. Revlon has a winner here — my very curly, frizzes-at-a-drop-of-humidity-or-sweat, gray but color-treated hair lies smooth and styled. If my hair does get a bit frizzy, I just go over it again with the One Step Volumizer, and it’s back under control. It is MUCH faster than using a standard brush and hair dryer combo, which I’d have to follow with a hair iron. And such much less damage! Side benefit: I’m not finding hair all over the bathroom floor because the Volumizer brush gathers it up, rather than blowing it around.

  26. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    The lady who cuts my hair recommended that I purchase something like this when I complained about all the heat styling I was having to do after I got a new job that required me to “look nice.” (I went from a super casual setting with kids to an office.) She said that this would reduce the amount of heat I was using, since I’d been blow-drying and then curling/straightening my hair. Obviously this thing uses heat, but it’s only one step.After reading a Buzzfeed listicle about cheap Amazon products that are “worth the hype,” I purchased this. That was in fall of 2020. I’m back here in 2023, almost 2024 to order a new one.I used this thing multiple times a week for 3 years straight, and the only reason I’m buying a new one is because the bristles are so bent over from continued use/abuse, which honestly seems pretty reasonable, especially considering I often didn’t really section my hair into small sections and just raked this bad boy through, like, 3 inches of wet hair when I was running late. I also was lazy about cleaning out the accumulated hair in the bristles, which contributed to the flattened bristles. Make sure you clean it out regularly!Not only is this super easy to use, but I’ve used this from when my hair was just below my shoulders to the length it is now, where it reaches the top of high-waisted jeans, and it’s never taken more than 8 minutes to go from towel-dried hair to a beautiful, almost Jennifer Aniston-caliber blowout.The smaller you section your hair while you use it, the more sleek, voluminous, and Jennifer Aniston-y it looks, plus it will most likely make the bristles last longer. Like I said, sometimes when I’m running late, I’ll just use it on thick clumps of hair, which is what I’m sure caused the bristles to eventually get flattened.I just use a scrunchie to section the top of my hair and start from the back, doing one side and then the other, clipping each finished section into one claw clip, and then move up in small sections to the top of my head until it’s done.For reference, my hair is the kind of fuzzy, wavy hair that you see on TikTok videos where they say “Is my hair actually curly?” and then the person does, like, a 17 step curly girl process and then they end up with gorgeous curls or waves. So, I think that I probably have wavy/curly hair, but I would never, ever take the time or energy to do all that. So instead, I just heat-style the crap out of it. Using a regular blow-dryer would give me crazy fly-aways and I would look like I’d rubbed a balloon on the top of my head. With this product, even the tiny hairs where my hair is parted lay down.The BEST part about this product is that it totally refreshes day old (and longer) hair.I actually only wash my hair about every 4-ish days or so, and all you have to do is mist your hair with a tiny bit of water, or, if you’re lazy like me, just run your hand under the faucet, and then rake your wet hand through the section you’re about to dry. You hair will look just as good as it did when it was freshly washed! It somehow eliminates the greasiness – who knows, maybe it’s just evaporating it and destroying my hair, but either way, it is a lifesaver for someone like me who needs to have presentable Office Hair but hates washing their hair every day.I’m actually really sad I have to order a new one, because the motor is just fine and it feels wasteful to discard it. But 3 years is more than good enough considering its cheap price and how much I love it.Anyway, you should definitely get this. I seriously spend all day just touching my hair all day, feeling like Rachel Green. I flip it over my shoulder all day long like Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie.

  27. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I finally found the best hair tool ever!!! I have naturally wavy hair and this thing is AMAZING! It can straighten and tame my naturally wavy & dried hair after going to sleep with it wet! It doesn’t burn my hair and has different settings so even the most challenged hair straightener can straighten their own hair!

  28. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Ginny M

    This replaced an identical hairblower that I had for over 10 years. It is efficient, does the job, is easy to handle and an excellent price. I ordered it on a Sunday night and received it on the following Thursday! Can’t beat that for quick service.

  29. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    E. Marie

    After seeing the advertisement for a similar, higher-priced product, Amazon search results brought me to this Revlon dry and style all-in-one for a quarter of what the higher-priced product cost; this is a steal in comparison to the competitor.The DeliveryThe product showed up at my door in its original box and they slapped a mailing label on it. This gave me pause because since there was no protective packaging, I thought for sure the dryer would have been damaged in transit. Thankfully, the product was undamaged when I took it out of the box. On further inspection, it was not scratched or dinged up and it worked as soon as I plugged it in.The DryerThe product itself is quite large and larger than what I had expected. The oval shape of the brush head seemed concerning to me as I’ve only ever used a round brush with my NuMe Ionic Hair Dryer. The settings are cool, low, and high and are located on a dial at the bottom end of the dryer. To use the product was self-explanatory, all there is to do is plug it in, select the heat setting, and off you go to a great blow out.The ExperienceBefore blowing out my hair, I use whatever hair product I have on hand at the time. Right now, I am using a coconut oil hair moisturizing serum which helps to temper flyaways, leaves the hair with a smoother finish, and moisturizes. For my hair length, a nickel-size amount is just enough for my just-past-the-shoulders hair length and then comb through. Then I section off my hair to make drying more manageable.Starting with the back sections, I started with the low setting and brushed in a downward direction and letting the brush feature volumize on its own. The back sections are the most difficult for me because they are, for some strange reason, wavy, unruly, and difficult to keep straight. This brush dryer brought the back parts out and under for a nice bouncy finish. It was nearly a perfect ‘C’ formation that I couldn’t believe. I then moved to the side sections and the crown and was surprised with the volume the brush gives. While I’m drying the side sections, I’m leaving hair rolled up in the brush and allowing it to remain there for a few seconds before I gently pull the brush through the length of my hair. Unbelievable. It was almost like having big Texas hair.Finishing up with the rest of my hair, I noticed that the grip on the dryer is much more comfortable than my other hairdryer and round brush. The thickness of the pommel makes for a very comfortable grip, and I didn’t realize what a difference size made. The other thing I noticed is at the upper end of the dryer, there is room to grab the end with your other hand and work the brush into a rolling motion (if you like to use two hands, which I do).During the first use, I timed it as it normally takes me about 7 or 10 minutes to dry my hair. With the Revlon, it cut that time in half. My hair came out dry, volumized, shiny, sleek, and the finish was as though I had taken a straight iron to my hair before applying a curling iron. There was so much bounce to my hair that it felt like I just got a hair cut. When I pulled my hair into a pony at the end of the day, the pony was bouncy.The Next DayWhat I noticed when waking up the next day is that my hair was still bouncy and still sleek. With my normal hairdryer, I still had problems with frizz and my hair just did not keep through the rest of the day. Consequently, for second-day hair, I had to use a dry shampoo to give it a little life. With the Revlon, second-day hair felt just like it did the day before, which was nearly a shock. I called my girlfriend who had been looking at this product with me, and I told her that everything they said about it was true – and I didn’t have to do my hair the second day because it kept through the night. Say what?!The PredecessorThe old hairdryer and round brush went back into my mom’s bottom drawer in her bathroom, for when she comes to visit. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that when she tries my Revlon, she’s going to toss those in the can.The Negative ReviewsYes, I have read all the negative reviews about how this thing craps out after a few uses, or two months, whichever occurs first. I hope that it does not happen here, and if it does, I will update this review to let you know how long it took for it to die on me.As for the other reviews about how the hair turns out following use . . . (1) don’t leave the dryer in one place while you use, or it will burn your hair, doing anything with the application of heat has a tendency to burn if you leave it too long, that’s just physics, (2) I did not have any hair loss while using this product, but I do comb out my wet hair first to work out any knots and tangles and comb through any product I am using before drying, and (3) if you do not have bounce or sleekness, um, go watch some YouTube videos and learn how to comb your hair.Great product, unbelievable. Totally thought it was a gimmick, and pleasantly surprised at how well this works – and for the price – you can’t go wrong!

  30. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Linda Ericson

    I love it. Have used it for a few months. It does get REALLY hot but I feel like I need it hot to tame my hair. I have fine hair but with cowlicks. I used to use a brush and blow dryer but this this makes my hair soMuch more shiny and look good for days. Really great price too.

  31. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Cheryl L. Kienast

    I have medium length hair now and was looking for something to give it at least a semblance of style and this brush does even more than I had hoped. I do divide my hair into ‘sections’ for easier drying/styling, but I must say by doing this, I believe I can dry my hair much faster than by using just a blow dryer. I haven’t tried anything ‘fancy’ yet, but it definitely easily straightens my hair and puts just a hint of curl at the ends, which is what I was hoping to do. I bought this based on reviews and am not disappointed.

  32. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    L. Scott

    Had a bad injury to my shoulder and had to have a reverse shoulder replacement. It was the right and I’m right handed. I only have so much use of the arm because my fall was so bad. This has helped me to dry and give body to my hair.

  33. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Kim Seiferth

    I actually stumbled upon this product when I was staying at my girlfriend’s house for a few weeks. I just use it to blow dry my hair, and for the first time in 50 years, I love my hair! It straightens it, and gives it volume and finesse and curl, and Shine! It just gave me a whole new look! When my friend saw my hair, everyone noticed, and one of them bought one that day! I love the color too!

  34. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Free Falling

    This makes my hair so beautiful! This is my absolute favorite blow dryer brush ever. I have owned several. Some cost three times this price (actually one cost $500) and this one is the best I have owned.This makes my hair shiny & healthy looking and tames my frizz. I use it to make big waves… I put argan oil on my hair after and than put my hair in a heatless bun for about 30 and my hair is gorgeous big shiny waves and big curls. I like big curly waves as opposed to the frizzy stringy curls my hair has turned into since getting older.I LOVE the price, plus it’s easy to travel with and because the price is so reasonable I am not overly worried when traveling because the price point is so great and I can easily replace it if my luggage is lost or it is damaged (I had a $200 curling iron destroyed when flying one time during a random luggage inspection).I naturally have frizzy curly thick long hair. I get so many compliments when I blow dry my hair with this. Highly recommend.

  35. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Theresa Levi

    I love this blow-dry brush. I’m not the best at using it yet, but it works well and a I get a lot more even and faster results than a regular blow-dryer. The only thing I have to complain about is that it gets really hot. I recommend using the low setting if you have thin, fine hair. It gets hot even on the low setting. Don’t use on one strand too much. It gave my hair about 10% more volume using it the first time. I plan to get even better at using it though, watching videos.

  36. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This brush is a game changer. It’s faster and easier than regular blow drying. It is excellent for the uncoordinated as it only requires holding one tool instead of a brush and a blow dryer. I bought this because I got a short haircut that I hate because it’s higher maintenance than my long hair and I wanted something that would make it easier and faster for me to style because frankly I can be pretty lazy about styling my hair. Where has this been all my life?

  37. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    My larger Revlon brush lasted three years and then the heating element went out. So I got this one that was supposed to produce shinier hair, etc. I like the bigger one better for shinier hair and the hairdos I got from it made me look like I had more hair and they would last Without me having to redo. Now you know what I’m going to say about this one, my hair is not as shiny I don’t like the finished look, and the finished look such as it is, doesn’t stay as well as when I had the larger Revlon wand. It’s OK but having had the other one first there’s a big difference.

  38. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I am an avid Amazon shopper. I’m talking like at last 3-4 deliveries a week and I’ve never written a review, but this styling tool… WOW!!!!! Where has it been my ENTIRE life. As someone who’s had waist length to middle to back semi-course hair this is a true asset. Bravo Revlon.

  39. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Not enough book shelves

    Instead of having to use two hands to style and dry my hair, the Revlon One Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush allows me to do that with one hand. As I have always done, to lessen the amount of time I expose my hair to long periods of heat, I let my (slightly below shoulder-length) hair air dry for about 20 minutes. The Revlon One Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush styles and dries in about 15-ish minutes. I LOVE this product and have already recommended it to my friends.

  40. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have never been able to master blowing my hair out with a round brush and a hair dryer, even with my thin hair I can never get it to look like it does when I go to a salon. This thing is a blowout godsend. I love this one too because it is so easy to take it apart and travel with it and its lighter than the 1st gen of this. I can do my whole head of long hair in about 30 min and I go from frizzy curly hair to sleek and blown out. Not to mention I got this for a steal for only about 40 bucks. I don’t have any desire to spend 600 dollars on that vacuum brands hair tool because this is honestly the only hot tool I’ve been reaching for.

  41. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Tracie Rhoades

    I do a good job styling my hair. I have long, thick, coarse hair. Yes, I’m aware it’s easy to frizz. I am 51 yrs old and have used many different styling products. Old school curling brushes, flat irons, curling irons, curling wand, hair dryer, different brushes, etc. I figured this would be loud, but it’s really loud IMO. I use it when my hair is mostly dry so I don’t really need to leave it on more than 15 minutes. I style my hair in sections as well. It straightened beautifully. I had plenty of volume and body which is why I bought it. Sometimes, I feel a flat iron is just too flattening for my hair. I am impressed at how NOT hot it is to touch and hold and use it which is a problem with so many other products but not this. For the price, it’s definitely worth it and works well and I’m glad I won’t need to use it often because of how loud it is. A hair dryer just isn’t quite as loud BUT this thing does a better job and I lose less hair than with a hair dryer.

  42. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Atiya Byrd

    I have 2 year old son and trying to dry and somewhat straighten his hair is a fighting battle.This was the best thing ever.It works so well and took half the time it would have took to use a normal hair dryer. it straightened it a lot more than i thought it would.Great product

  43. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    N. Bianchi

    I’m in love with this!! It was so easy to assemble, plug in, and go! It is amazing—it picks up your hair for you! It worked so well, it left me wondering why I wasted so much of my life with round brushes?!? I may never use a round brush again! I might buy one for my mom too! 😍😍😍

  44. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have 3B curly hair and this worked great!! Make sure your hair is damp and use a blowout spray. It’s pretty easy to use and gets very close to the scalp. I did a lot of research before purchasing this tool and I’m very happy I did. I also used low heat the whole time because it gets REALLY hot so use heat protectant.

  45. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Atenea G.

    El cepillo de aire caliente para secador de cabello y voluminizador de un solo paso de Revlon es un verdadero cambio de juego en mi rutina de belleza. Este producto no solo seca mi cabello, sino que también le da un volumen increíble, todo en un solo paso.Lo que más me gusta de este cepillo es su diseño ovalado único. Suaviza el cabello mientras que los bordes redondeados crean volumen desde la raíz hasta las puntas. Además, las cerdas mixtas de nailon y cerdas duras desenredan fácilmente el cabello y proporcionan un agarre firme, lo que facilita el peinado.El cepillo cuenta con tres posiciones de calor, lo que me permite adaptar el peinado a mis necesidades. Y a pesar de su potencia de 1100 vatios, es sorprendentemente ligero y tiene un mango ergonómico, lo que hace que sea cómodo de usar.Desde que empecé a usar el cepillo de aire caliente de Revlon, he notado que mi cabello luce más suave, brillante y con un volumen que nunca antes había conseguido. Sin duda, es una herramienta imprescindible para cualquier persona que quiera simplificar su rutina de belleza y obtener resultados de salón en casa.

  46. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I had been using a round brush and hair dryer every day but decided to try this all in one hair tool. I have been so pleased with the results. This is easy to use and hold. Works well to add volumn and smooth hair. I wish the on/off button was easier to use when styling and can’t be turned off one handed.

  47. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I don’t EVER write reviews but I had to write one on this. I just got this yesterday and had to try it. I’m so sick of straightening my hair and also hate to blow it out because my hair is so thick. This works wonders! I blow dried my hair for about ten minutes and then went over it with this. Added my kerastase oil to finish it off and omg!!! Only Twenty minutes and I have thick hair. Love love love it its my new favorite beauty tool! I wish I would have bought it sooner!

  48. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I LOVE this product!! I figured I would try it because I cut my hair into more layers, and wanted a way to keep it looking good. So I bought this on a whim after a bit of research. I am not a hair guru girlie. I’m not great with a curler or styling. But this tool makes it so simple for my hair to look shiny, silky, and professionally styled. I was NOT expecting to be so happy with this. It takes around 30-45 minutes to get great results from wet hair (my hair is super dense and thick). Highly recommend!

  49. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I don’t usually use any heat on my hair but I recently got it cut. My previous Helen of try hair dryer just recent stopped working. I had it for 18 years. This is a Helen of Troy product and works very nice. It is not heavy. I only needed to use a straightener for a few touch ups around my ears

  50. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Rachelle Roth

    I have owned a few name-brands hot air brushes, and NOTHING compares to the Revlon hot air brush. Great price, and better than the name brands by far. Lots of power for a fraction of the price of others. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll save $$$.

  51. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    It works beautifully to straighten my hair yet keep the body. My only reason for the 4 stars is that it’s hard to switch settings (high to low or cool) without stopping and moving it from my hair. Also it’s a little heavy but still very manageable. Overall, I am thrilled to have and wish I’d gotten it sooner!

  52. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    This has been the BEST product I have found that ACTUALLY dries AND straightens my crazy curly hair in UNDER 1HOUR!!!!! Usually, it takes over 2 hours because I have to dry it 1st with the Hair dryer and then use any version of a flat iron that I have but with this, i towel dried my hair with my towel wrap for a few mins (doesn’t take my hair long) and just went straight into using the brush. I did 1 side just brushing without separating into sections (it did FANTASTIC) , the other side I separated into sections and it STILL did Fantastic!! It was definitely less frizzy and obviously dried more areas faster, but it was still 1 item under 1 hour and for me that is HUGE!!!! ( For the record, I am Hispanic with super THICK CURLY hair!!)

  53. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Hey there, dads! Just had to share my wife’s latest obsession: the REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush. She’s raving about how it tackles her morning routine like a champ, cutting her styling time in half! With its wide brush, it effortlessly styles her long locks, giving her that salon-worthy blowout look right at home. Plus, with three heat/speed settings, it’s gentle on her hair, leaving it shiny and smooth. Trust me, if your wife is anything like mine, she’ll love this game-changing tool!

  54. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    Awesome product! Glad I jumped on this bandwagon! I literally use a round brush and blow drier and this combines the two and I find it makes my hair smoother and takes less time!I don’t think the medium and high are any different in sound or power tbh! But the handle is a bit longer than the original and the brush is a little smaller than the original. The original seemed to be too big for me to get close to my root at the top. My hair is long-ish but relatively thin? So I liked how big the original’s brush is but it was just a tad too big. This one (the plus) seems to be better for what I’m wanting bc especially when drying the front of my hair and roots.

  55. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Megan Kelly

    I bought one for myself years ago and my 12 year old step daughter really loves mine and wanted one for herself to keep at her moms house. So, that’s what she got. The price is amazing and the way it smooths my fair while also drying it is really good. Super easy to use and you don’t have to have a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other. All you need is this tool! 🙂

  56. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Yariela Barría

    Compré este cepillo en octubre del 2021.Ya estamos a Marzo del 2024 y sigue funcionando perfecto como el primer día. He aprendido varias técnicas de peinados con este cepillo, me encanta que tiene dos velocidades de aire caliente, y también tienes la opción de usar aire frío. En resumen: es una maravilla. Sin duda lo compraría mil veces más.

  57. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Maddie McGrath

    My hair is extremely frizzy and wavy and this brush smooths it out so well. It cuts the time I spend doing my hair in half and I’m always happy with the result! As long as you clean the hair out of the brush after each use, even every other use, it doesn’t pull your hair out.

  58. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I bought this primarily as a way to style and dry my hair, in less time and with less effort. I have long hair and theres a lot of it, though the individual strands themselves are thin. It tends to do a little kink in odd places if I dont do anything to it after a shower, so I usually need to blow dry and flat iron the ends.I tried using this product with completely wet hair, to replace my hair dryer, and also after giving my hair some time to air dry. I might have been asking a little too much of it. It did not really cut time down, either way, and I did still have to use my hair dryer for my bangs (otherwise this thing would over work them and cause them to go flat) and for the back of my head, to completely dry it. So it didnt replace the hair dryer for me. I havent really been able to get a good “curl” out of it, either, but that might be user error and a learning curve for me.What it does do, and the reason I actually still really like it, is it does eliminate time/effort specifically with using a hot iron. It causes my hair to have less fly-aways, gives it more volume at the root, and gives my hair an overall more smooth finish. Unfortunately, with still needing a blow dryer, it does feel like I added another step to the process. I guess it mostly replaces the hot iron, not the blow dryer. Still, it seems like a healthier alternative to using a hot iron, and Ill definitely take that.I got this item on sale at around $35. I do think its worth that, I would have paid a little more for it even, so Id say I got a good deal at that price point, as long as it continues to function.

  59. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I’m a 53 year old NON girlie-girl who hates styling my hair. I have very fine hair cut into a “lob” that almost touches my clavicle. The way I did my hair in the past was to flip it upside down and blow dry it with a regular blow dryer. (I could just NOT get the hang of using a round brush with a hair dryer). This took about 5-6 minutes. I’d then finish off by running a flat iron through it which took another 7-8 minutes. But I could NEVER achieve that voluminous salon blow out look that sold me on this hairstyle in the first place!! That is until this impulse buy entered the scene. I bought it on a whim and I’m SO glad I did!! I can blow dry and style my hair with ONE TOOL and I look like I just stepped out of the salon!! It only takes me about 15 minutes from start to finish! I can NOT say enough good things about this!!! However, I do need to note I can ONLY use it on the WARM setting. Because of my hair type (VERY fine) the hot setting is too much.

  60. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Sandra s.Sandra s.

    This brush dryer is genius! I’ve had it 3 months now and I will fight anyone who tries to part me from it!! I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair and used to have to blow dry and then use a hot iron to get it to the point of manageability. This takes 15-20 minutes and done! I like medium heat setting.

  61. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Katy CrittendenKaty Crittenden

    I have super thick long hair. Like, so thick that stylists have charged me double for extra hair dye. It’s super tedious to dry or style my hair. Pictures attached are before/after use fresh out of the shower with towel dried hair. I brushed then I used the dryer for about 10 minutes and it pretty much dried and straightened my hair. I was super impressed by how easy it is to use and how little the brush tangles up. It also straightens dry hair pretty well which is great! I have a hard time styling my hair so u appreciate how easy this was. Also I love that it straightens without a ton of heat, like a flat iron would. I love that I don’t have to worry about my kids accidentally touching it and getting burned because doesn’t stay hot when it’s off and I can put it away easily without starting a fire.

  62. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Let me start with how fine my hair is. My hair cannot even hold scrunchie or a clip. I cannot afford to put any heating tool. Flat iron removes all the volume that I have. I bought a brush and hair dryer thinking I can blow dry my own hair but it never worked.I accidentally came across this product on YouTube and went through some reviews on amazon. I used Igk behavior and Morocco heat protector and followed a blow dry tutorial with this hair brush. Boooom!Wow. Hair looks so good. It stayed for 2 days like that. So much volume. Also it has three settings and I used lowest one. You can use cool option too that enough for my hair as well.It can get hot. Hold it carefully. Cool option is too much loud. But overall amazing. Not at all heavy to hold

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