Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer With Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid – Formulated Without Common Irritants for Those with Sensitive Skin, 3 fl oz (Pack of 1)

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Vanicream Daily Facial moisturizer is a rich, but lightweight lotion that provides effective moisturization for day or
night. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help to hydrate and retain the skin’s moisture.



Vanicream Daily Facial moisturizer is a rich, but lightweight lotion that provides effective moisturization for day or
night. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help to hydrate and retain the skin’s moisture.

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71 reviews for Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer With Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid – Formulated Without Common Irritants for Those with Sensitive Skin, 3 fl oz (Pack of 1)

  1. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    ally milbury

    Been searching for the right moisturizer forever and this inexpensive holy grail was here all along! I’ve spent hundreds on expensive moisturizers from Sephora and prestigious brands and this is the one I love! Definitely recommend!

  2. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I researched a lot before I actually decided to purchase this product and I’m so glad I decided to try it because it is absolutely a hidden gem when it comes to an affordable product that actually work!!! It will always be my go to.

  3. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    As a sensitive skin girlie this product makes me happy! No irritation and really helps to control your oil. A holy grail to be honest

  4. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Madeline Voss

    Love this product. Was recommended by a friend and I will definitely be repurchasing.It is very moisturizing and a little goes a long way. The product last a long time and it’s affordable!I use it in my everyday skincare and it’s defiantly helping me through these winter months!!

  5. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Awesome daily mineral sunscreen. The whiteness disappears quickly on me and provides a nice dewy complexion. No trouble with makeup application over it.

  6. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Wow! I have extremely sensitive skin and this moisturizer is great!! No fragrance and not greasy at all. Really enjoy finally finding a product that doesn’t break the bank yet delivers as advertised. Highly recommend.

  7. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Kim Laforet

    Not too oily and not drying, this cream is perfect under my foundation. I have combination skin and it works well in all areas. Love this stuff!

  8. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    My dermatologist suggested this for around the EYE area. For me, it is absolutely perfect #1 no accidental burning if I get it into my eye #2 it is so light and soothing #3 helps under eye makeup /concealer go on smooth

  9. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Harmony Heykoop

    I do actually love this stuff, my skin is very sensitive and it soaks this up in the best way BUT it smells like blue cheese??? So… that’s weird.

  10. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    mery chahu

    Oh! It’s the angels calling to tell you about this excellent holy product! Buy it- immediately noticed a different. I will never go back to anything else

  11. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    music fanatic

    This moisturizer is pretty good. I use it once a day, although it can be used more often, and it does a good job keeping my skin soft and moist. When I first started using it, there was some tingling. I guess I really needed it.

  12. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have sensitive skin so I was worried about this product but it has my skin feeling amazing and I have not broken out yet.

  13. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Michelle S.

    It only takes a piece size amount for your entire face. I have dry skin. I found this cream to be thick and too heavy for me. If you are looking for a thick and heavier cream, this is for you. This review is for the Vanicream with SPF.

  14. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    It doesn’t make my face feel oily or shiny. I love it! I will buy again. Absorbs fast.

  15. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I use this at night, and it provides lightweight skin barrier protection. As the spring and summer approaches, this is perfect for warmer, humid weather. I’ve checked the ingredients, and it is rated as a clean beauty product on a major clean beauty app. More and more, I am drawn to clean beauty products, and this is one I will come back to again and again.

  16. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This moisturizer was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I LOVE it. I have probably bought over 10 tubes by now, it’s that good. I have eczema prone skin, especially on my face that can be set off by certain chemicals or fragrances. This moisturizer makes my skin feel soft, hydrated, and calm. It feels high end product wise but it is extremely affordable.

  17. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Sammed M.

    I absolutely love my Vanicream face wash and wanted to try this from a long time. I have perioral dermatitis so almost all products break me out even mildest products on market like cetaphil and cerave. I had found Vanicream through a perioral fb group. I am super impressed by this cream. It is a little runny but that’s why you do not need to apply a lot and it does not feel greasy on my face. I absolutely love it!

  18. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Dani Johnson

    Say good bye to all the crazy expensive skin care. This is great & cost effective!! It’s super healthy for you. I found it through a recommendation from the Yuka App after scanning my expensive moisturiser from France!! That stuff had hormone inhibitors and some crazy hazardous materials in it. Trash it went and this is its replacement for 10% of the cost.

  19. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Love the facial moisturizer absorbs nicely, and is non-oily. I go to the beach frequently, the sun screen lasts a while.

  20. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jen Richey

    Just the right moisturizer for every day and every night use. I have sensitive skin and it does not bother me! Love love love. And the price….also love.

  21. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This is the best moisturizer cream of use for my face. It doesnt break my skin out and it doesn’t feel oily.

  22. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Mariana Rivero

    I’ve been using it for more than a month and it’s absolutely amazing! I got sensitive skin and it’s helped a lot.

  23. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    D. V. Salmi

    This sunscreen was mentioned by a couple of dermatologists that I follow. I’ve also had another of this brand’s line recommended to me by my dermatologist. It’s great for sensitive skin. I use it everyday. I can put it all over my face including around my eyes with no problem at all! It does not leave a white cast. It looks a little white briefly then disappears. The price is reasonable and works just as well as another brand I was using for twice the price. I highly recommend.

  24. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Mary Alice Saiz

    This along with another serum my dermatologist suggested feels great not greasy yet moisturizers.

  25. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    one of my friend recommend this cream because I have dry skin. so far, so good. I will buy it again.

  26. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I use the all over lotion and absolutely love it too! But this is probably the lightest feeling moisturizer I’ve used that doesn’t make me feel sticky and I can use under my makeup! It doesn’t have any strong scent and keeps my face feeling moisturized all day and through the night. It doesn’t cause any redness like all the other face moisturizers I’ve used. I combo this after my shower with a vitamin C serum and it’s the best! I highly recommend this whole product line for people with sensitive skin that’s also very dry. It’s been a game changer!

  27. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    This product with regular use helps skin clear up any problems you may have! I’m over seventy & I don’t have many problems like I did when I was younger! So for me it’s a great maintenance prevention cleanser & it works perfectly for me!

  28. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have sensitive skin .. this is a great product for daily moisturizer

  29. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Pauline Dawkins

    Great way to soothe, moisten, and smooth my skin.

  30. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Anya Anderson

    I love this product. It makes my skin supple and nourishes it with exactly what it needs. I feel like most high-end products have all these ingredients in them that make our skin look worse and this only just makes it glow because the ingredients are clean and simple. Why do you guys have the best skin? Because they don’t do anything. Keep your skin care minimal and this is a great start.

  31. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    RJF in Illinois

    Bought this after Neutrogena discontinued its hypoallergenic face creme. This is a great substitute but it is just a little bit greasier than the Neutrogena creme.

  32. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Mrs. Crystal Garner

    Soaked right into my face . Not greasy feeling at all. Will buy again. Wish I could find a bigger size in this.

  33. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I like the fact this moisturizer leaves a nice sheen on your face without being greasy. I used this moisturizer under my Chanel foundation.

  34. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Baylee Bewley

    Chronic dry skin for years. I’ve tried almost every brand out there. This one was an accidental purchase and I’ll never go back to another moisturizers

  35. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Maggie Abbott

    Best facial moisturizer.

  36. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jessi Farrar

    Very moisturizing and great for my sensitive skin.

  37. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This is the best facial moisturizer I have ever used. I have a very dry and sensitive skin, and this moisturizer helps a lot and lasts long.

  38. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    brittney gardenerbrittney gardener

    Received my order on time. Very happy with it.

  39. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    i like it! hydrating and feels clean on my face. i will be repurchasing it!

  40. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I like that it has no perfume smell. It absorbs quickly and makes my face feel so soft. Time will tell if it helps the look of my skin, I will buy it anyway because it feels so good!

  41. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have darker skin and was looking for a safer (zinc oxide based) sun block that doesn’t make your face white! I finally found this one which I love! When I put it on first my skin is a bit white but then it goes away after a few minutes.

  42. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I bought this because it scored 100/100 on the clean ingredients test. I have been using it for about two weeks and it certainly does help to moisturize my face and neck, especially when it gets bad from the cold weather. It’s not oily, and soaks right in.

  43. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    If you are looking for a lightweight cream that does not irritate the skin in any way and does not have a scent, you have found your product. I gave this a 4 instead of 5, just because it is too lightweight for my taste, and I would have prefered the texture to be slightly thicker.

  44. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    sewing gramme

    neutrogena discontinued my moisturizer for sensitive skin. I took me two other products which bothered my face before I ordered this one. Yeah this one will now be my go to face moisturizer

  45. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This is a great moisturizer with loads of ceramides and so good for your skin. This is also rated 1 on EWG for lowest hazard. No bad chemicals.

  46. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Nadia Igel

    Love this moisturizer. Scores great on the Yuka App. Sheer light and moisturizing. Unscented too

  47. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Dawn Castelucci

    I like the fact that it has so dyes or chemicals.

  48. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Very Good 👍

  49. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Best moisturizer out there! Doesn’t leave you greasy! And gluten free!

  50. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I took a random shot at trying this after not being happy with my Cerave moisturizer. I love Cerave, but their daily moisturizer is meh. This has been absolutely phenomenal! No break outs, not greasy, and no strong smells. The first time I used it I put it on at night and woke up to glowing skin! This stuff is amazing and the price cannot be beat!!!

  51. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Rosè Maè

    I keep it in my purse or car very handy for emergency

  52. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Kind of leave you a little shiny/oily looking but moisturizes just fine since my skin doesn’t get dry after use. Does not clog pores and no scent.

  53. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    George S. Sturgeon

    My favorite moisturizer for dry and/or sensitive skin. Will continue to buy.

  54. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Debra Boekel

    It works really well and it’s not heavy so it doesn’t make me sweat when I wear it to work.

  55. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Renee Vecchione

    Incredible moisture for sensitive skin! No funky smell, doesn’t clog pores, and hypoallergenic (for me at least.) Remember that HYPOALLERGENIC does NOT mean it’s not an allergen for EVERYONE! NOTE: Friend of mine wanted to try it, made her face itch. I’m actually allergic to hypoallergenic Baby Oil: It burns my skin! Asked my Dr because it was so bad, I needed my skin treated and she said “hypoallergenic does not mean it’s true for EVERYONE!I love this stuff! I use it at least at night before bed after my Rx retinol gel or my Gycolic Acid serum (1 night 1% retinol gel, next night Loreal Gycolic Acid Serum, ect…)I use 100% pure Rosehip Oil under it, both morning and night. Always end with another great moisturizer with AT LEAST SPF 30, 50 if I can find it (😡 actual plain sunscreen, especially on my face. Gets in my eyes and burns and can’t ever get the taste of it out of my mouth. Love moisturizer w SPF instead!)

  56. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Isabel A.

    Beautiful light silky texture. Short ingredient list and 5 different ceramides. The only moisturizer I can use when my skin is reactive and compromised. Leaves skin so soft, will repurchase. Great formulation vanicream!

  57. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I love the face moisturizer and sunscreen.

  58. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I am 53.. my old skin needs moisture… every other brand I have tried and I tried them all, have caused reaction.This one is the 1st that my eczema prone skin can stand.NOTE: IT HAS HYDROLONIC ACID… this can cause irritation. I do not use this on my eye lids because the HA makes my skin burn… just for a few minutes but I hate that.That being said, know what your putting on your face.I use the plain all over body lotion or ointment on my eye lids instead.The rest of my face doesn’t mind HA thankfully.

  59. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This product is a fantastic value. I love Vanicream’s heavy moisturizing cream and their anti itch cream and so I thought I’d try the daily moisturizer. I think it works well and delivers moisture throughout the day. That being said, I personally prefer a thicker creamier daily moisturizer but I have super dry skin and I think this would be perfect for anyone with normal to oily skin. I will keep using mine but I may enjoy using it more in summer than in winter. The nice thing about Vanicream is that I trust their formulations enough that I never hesitate to try a new product because I feel confident that it’s not going to cause any problems.

  60. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Great product. Goes on well and is not greasy.

  61. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    this is a bit heavier than my last moisturizer but i think that’s a good thing cause my skin used to be so dry. i was worried that this bottle wouldn’t last even a week, but a little goes a long way.

  62. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I buy this for my preteen. Love that it has no smell to it and is very light weight

  63. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    My skin is so, so sensitive. Even after using Cetaphil and Cerave I felt like my skin somehow got worse. Days after I switched to this moisturizer I felt like I didn’t recognize my own skin when I would touch my face. It was so soft – like it should be!

  64. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Terri L Schuchman

    Love this product for my face ! I was told it works great and it gives the perfect moisture for my face ! Will keep buying lots of it !Thank you !

  65. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    My skin is very hydrated after. This is so good and great price

  66. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Works well with no irritation however, it can feel somewhat greasy if you use to much.

  67. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This is the only facial moisturizer that worked for me. I have tried different kind is moisturizer, such as cerave, aveeno, neutrogena, cetaphil and none of those worked.

  68. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I’ve been looking for a good product for everyday use and to layer over my tretinoin. I’ve seen this recommended for a while and I decided to try it because of the good reviews and price. It feels so nice. Really moisturizing. It makes my skin feel very supple without feeling greasy. The next morning, my skin feels very smooth. This will definitely be one of my daily staples

  69. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Melissa D.

    This is such a good moisturizer! I use a cleansing facial scrub and then I smooth this into my face, elbows and hands. It’s so lightweight, doesn’t feel greasy, and absorbs well into my skin. It doesn’t burn or sting either.

  70. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I use this moisturizer every morning. It’s very effective and calms any redness I might have. Leaves my skin glowing!

  71. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This was recommended by my dermatologist for my sensitive skin and it works for me. I’ve been using it for a while and will continue to use it. I cannot stand fragrances in my skin care and Vanicream products are fragrance free.

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