Samnyte Hair Wax Stick, Wax Stick for Hair Slick Stick, Hair Wax Stick for Flyaways Hair Gel Stick Non-greasy Styling Cream for Fly Away & Edge Control Frizz Hair 2.7 Oz

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If your hairline and nape areas hair is still flying a million times a day, this Samnyte hair wax stick will do a great job of smoothing out flyaways and curls along the hairline and nape area. This will create a lively and clean look.

Samnyte brand is a professional hair care brand that makes every effort to provide our customers with cost effective, quality products.This wax bar is a white paste containing effective botanical ingredients such as beeswax, avocado oil and castor oil, and has been de-fragranced based on customer feedback and has never been tested on animals, so feel free to use it!

Samnyte hair wax stick makes your hair silky smooth and soft, easy to comb, prevents frizz, flyaways and tangles. Trust me, it’s definitely worth having.



If your hairline and nape areas hair is still flying a million times a day, this Samnyte hair wax stick will do a great job of smoothing out flyaways and curls along the hairline and nape area. This will create a lively and clean look.

Samnyte brand is a professional hair care brand that makes every effort to provide our customers with cost effective, quality products.This wax bar is a white paste containing effective botanical ingredients such as beeswax, avocado oil and castor oil, and has been de-fragranced based on customer feedback and has never been tested on animals, so feel free to use it!

Samnyte hair wax stick makes your hair silky smooth and soft, easy to comb, prevents frizz, flyaways and tangles. Trust me, it’s definitely worth having.

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80 reviews for Samnyte Hair Wax Stick, Wax Stick for Hair Slick Stick, Hair Wax Stick for Flyaways Hair Gel Stick Non-greasy Styling Cream for Fly Away & Edge Control Frizz Hair 2.7 Oz

  1. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Hannah Summers

    This product seriously saved my hair. I went through basic using gel, then through part of tech school the same way. My hair breakage was so bad that when I washed and dried my hair, I looked like I had a mullet of breakage (it wasn’t THAT bad, but let’s just say there was a lot)This wax holds your flyaways perfectly, and keeps your hair shiny and inspection-ready all day, even after whipping your cover off and smashing it back on multiple times. 10/10 would recommend!

  2. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Casey tinsley

    This is great for my daughter in law to use when she pulls her hair back. This stick keeps all the hairs in place and i would recommend.

  3. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jennifer L.

    Sleek look thanks to these. No residue after it. Highly recommended.

  4. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Ignacio P.

    Its so easy to use, and it wears really well throughout the day. It doesnt leave any residue on my hair either and its super convenient, so I just put it in my bag in case I need it.

  5. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Tammy Buford

    Works great, it not greasy, and doesn’t flake. Great for fly away pieces of hair.

  6. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This hair wax works pretty good to keep those little baby hairs tamed short term. I noticed we had to apply more frequently than I would have liked but perhaps I’m too cautious since I don’t want greasy looking hair.

  7. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Marília Rosa

    This hair wax stick from Amazon is a game changer. It holds the hair perfectly in place without making it too hard or sticky. The application is incredibly easy, just swipe it directly onto the hair and style as desired. It’s great for taming flyaways and creating sleek, polished hairstyles. Plus, it has a pleasant scent that’s not too overwhelming. It’s a must-have product in my hair styling routine now. Five out of five stars.

  8. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Loving this to keep my daughter’s hair in a nice, neat updo.

  9. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I love wearing my hair slick back so this is a staple for me. Might not be quite as good as some other more pricier brands I’ve used, meaning I might have to touch it up (reapply) halfway through the day if I’m moving around a lot or if it’s windy, but it does the trick.

  10. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    We ordered this for my daughter’s dance competitions. She has fine hair that is hard to get “slicked” back in to pony tails or buns and this works perfectly! I simply rubbed it across her hair once I had it pulled back and combed it. This does not leave a white or film look. I actually use it now too when I put my hair up to lightly tame the frizz! Love this product!

  11. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    I have a lot of baby hairs that stick up along the part in my hair. Away from products like these, because putting them directly on my scalp just makes my hair look greasy but surprisingly this wax stick doesn’t make my hair look greasy. Really happy with this product.

  12. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Kayla Freeman

    Love the application process I enjoy the fact that there is not a scent to the product. However it’s not very strong in terms of long term hold. Lucky enough it’s a great size to just throw in the purse and go.

  13. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    It’s easy to use and has no scent. You also get a fair amount of product – it will last a long time. The only thing is that this product is more for smoothing down fly aways than creating texture such as spikiness, etc

  14. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Love this wax stick. It really controls frizz and flyaways and seems to last throughout the day without touch ups! Not sticky, easy to use and no scent.

  15. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This wax stick offers a more natural hold compared to a strong hairspray, making it a convenient option for on-the-go styling. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your bag or whatever you use, and the non-messy formula ensures you won’t have to worry about any sticky or tacky residue. Additionally, it’s scent-free, which can be a plus for some people. However, one downside is that it doesn’t provide a strong hold for those with many flyaways. Reapplication may be necessary, but be careful not to overdo it, as this can cause greasy-looking hair. If you struggle with greasy hair, it may be best to invest in a different product. For my personal use, I prefer to only use this wax stick for touch-ups, relying on hairspray for a stronger hold when needed.

  16. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Mya Washington

    I was hesitant to buy this only because I have what seems to be the THICKEST HAIR, but I thought I’d give it shot and try it out and to my surprise it works pretty good. My only gripe with this is that the wax shows on my hair (dark brown) a bit, but if I comb or brush through it, it goes away for the most part.

  17. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This product is great for little flyaways but I bought it for larger sections of hair that don’t stay in a pony tail. It is great for randomly spread out little hairs but not larger sections.

  18. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have fine dry hair and this works fine. it does the job, it just doesn’t last. It doesn’t have any scent which is probably a good thing. When it’s applied to my hair, it pulls the hair down, which feels a little uncomfortable, but not terrible. Overall, this is a good buy.

  19. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Ashley Pharr

    This product holds well for dance competitions; however, it leaves a white residue on occasion. I just comb it through. My daughter has a lot of thin hair that flys away.

  20. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Sam K

    Started using this for my daughter’s hair and really like it! It really helps keep the wispy hair strands under control and doesn’t leave her hair greasy! It doesn’t last all day so sometimes needs a second application.

  21. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I loved using this for slicking back my hair and combing it over. It helps with all of the little fly aways and it’s easy to use. I personally wish it was more of a twist to push the product up vs pushing it up and then pushing it back down to it doesn’t get smooshed by the lid, it makes my hair feel soft afterwards and it’s mot crunchy like a gel.

  22. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Overally i it’s good, the only problem is that, it’s make the hair very oily and makes it look dirty.

  23. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have been looking for a product to take care of the flyaways, when my hair is in a ponytail. This does it without being sticky or using a lot of product. It glides on and stays all day. I have wasted money on other products that didn’t do the job. So glad to have found this.

  24. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Erika Murillo

    This product does wonders for me. The little hairs don’t bother me anymore thanks to this. It’s easy to apply and easy to take off with just one wash

  25. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Easy to use, works all day without looking greasy. Anyone with natural greys coming thru knows the texture just isn’t the same. This tames that Hagrid look so I don’t have to color the grey to tame it.

  26. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    At least my opinion matters here :)

    I know it’s just hair wax, but I use a CPAP at night and unfortunately, it’s created a “halo” of baby (broken) hairs around my face. With age these have become more course and gray. I can’t get them to lay flat, even with a heat wand, so they curl up around my face whether my hair is up or down. Enter this little stick of magic. With the stick, I’m able to apply it just where needed in the smallest amount required and perfection! If my hair is down the broken hairs flow into the style without looking waxed down and when I have it up, no more halo. The formula is lightweight with little to no scent. It doesn’t make my hair feel waxed or oily and it lasts throughout the day. The product even works into the next day. Though not as perfectly flat, the smaller hairs still stay smooth and basically where I want them to. They don’t curl up and stand at attention even if I don’t reaply. It will never not be in my hair care routine and I can look polished and put together in a sweep. I love it!

  27. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Katelyn Sommers

    The smell is a little too much for me. I mean, it works but it is a thick wax and my hair feels gross after it. I have used other wax sticks that haven’t left me feeling like that, but are far more expensive so you are really getting what you pay for. I would recommend planning your hair wash days with using this.

  28. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jessica Rodriguez

    Me gustó que cumple con lo indicado la barra de cera. Es para sacarte de algún apuro, sobre cómo arreglar de una forma rápida y elegante de acuerdo al peinado que te hagas.

  29. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I don’t like this product to much its making my hair oily maybe because I have soft hair

  30. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I liked it for myself but originally got it for my girls since they hate gel. It didn’t really work on them since they have so many baby hairs

  31. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Kathy Rees

    It really slicks your hair back, keeps my hair down all day. It’s great for slick backs or if you do competitions. No smell at all.

  32. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Easy to use but leaves hair oily at the end of the day.

  33. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Brittany Brown

    Get the jod done help download all flying hair good buy for me always want one

  34. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    I never thought I’d need a hair wax stick until I had daughters. My girls still have that fly-away baby hair, especially when I put their hair up in ponytails and pig tails. This completely takes care of fly always and makes their hair look SO much neater! It’s so easy to use and has no smell, which I love. Highly recommend! It will last forever!!

  35. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Ethan C.

    I like the push-up design of this product where you don’t have to get your hands covered in product, and it does the job of keeping hair in place. There isn’t any shine but it will be noticeable that you have product in your hair visually and when touched.I would recommend to get a whipped wax or stick with pomade if you’re styling your whole head, but this product is good for keeping parts clean or stopping fly-aways.

  36. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Saw this on social media and had to try it. I am not one that likes to put my hands in goopy gel and have to wash my hands afterwards. Its too messy! But this is such a great alternative. The mechanism is like a push-pop and to cover the stick, you have to twist it back on. Ive had it for a few weeks now and it hasn’t dried out. One should buy an edge brush of some sort to comb the hairs down.

  37. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I got this for my mom, who always wears her hair up in a bun. But the hairs on the base of her neck are very kinky and hard to control, and it’s hard to find a hairspray that can tackle them into submission. Decided to give this wax stick a try, and on the first use I was blown away! It does an amazing job at taming wild hair! If you’re sick of looking for extra extra extra hold hairsprays, give this a shot!

  38. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    nicole tallian

    I have been hesitant to get this product for stying my daughter’s hair in fear that it would make their hair feeling gross. It holds their flyaway hairs great throughout the day but then is easy washed out with a water spray bottle. There is no scent which I am not sure if I love or not, but it is better that it doesn’t smell bad at least. After pushing the stick up to reveal the wax it does not easily retract while applying to hair, which is great that I don’t have to keep pushing it back up every time I use it. Seems that it will last a long while too!

  39. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Esta barra es dependiendo del tipo de pelo que tenga la persona, es buena pero no funciona para todo tipo de pelo

  40. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    It good but if you got alot friz helps control a bit but not all day maybe like 2 hrs or so have to keep doing so does put wieght on the hair

  41. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I wanted to try the wax stick but didn’t want to spend the money so I took the chance on this. I use it on my hair and my preschooler’s hair — she is growing out her bangs. I use it on her bangs and clip them back in the morning, and the last few days I have used it, her hair was still slicked back in the clip at pick up and after gymnastics, so it worked really well!It does make fine hair look slightly greasy than the hair gel I typically use, but it does give “clean girl” vibes if probably pinned/pulled back. It’s not as powerful as a hair gel would be, but helps as a fly-away fix or to slick back.

  42. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    I like this wax stick. Does what it claims but I wish it had a bit more hold. Some fly aways by mid-day or end of day are sticking out.

  43. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Works well. Better for non curly hair. Great to slickflyaways.

  44. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This product works as advertised. I have very fine hair and lots little flyaways along my part and short gray hairs that stand up. I put a little of the wax on and it holds the hair down without weighing down all my hair.

  45. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Asia Antolin

    Works great but i had to wash my hair 4-5 times generously to get it all off. After all the washing I did, there is still residual wax on on the top of my head and it looks like I haven’t washed my hair for days.

  46. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Nicholas Phillips

    This hair wax is a game-changer for my daughter’s thin hair during competition dance days! It effortlessly smooths back wispy strands and holds them in place all day long. With its lightweight formula, it doesn’t weigh down her hair, ensuring a natural look that lasts through every routine.

  47. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This product is exactly what I needed to put the final touches on my girls hair. It tams all the flyaway and really put the hair style in order. I don’t notice any smell when using it. It slides on smooth and does not leave a residue.

  48. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This works very well for fly away hairs on my hair. I have fine shoulder length hair. It leaves hair very soft and not greasy looking either, can still run fingers through it. My only reason for taking off one star is I was also hoping to use this on my son’s hair but since it is so hard, he says it hurts his hair and head when we try to use it. We will use the hair wax applied with fingers instead.

  49. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Ok, this hair wax thing is new to me and I have naturally curly hair and live in the south! Game changer! WTF! I can smooth down those fly aways in an amazing way!

  50. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Kimmy L

    I am so glad I found this product! I wish it was available back when I was coaching cheerleading and having to do 25 little girls hair before competition. This product literally smooths out ALL baby hairs, fly aways, and little scraggly pieces that always end up loosening or sticking up even with mousse, gel and hairspray without leaving all that nastiness and crunchy hair behind. Using this product, my hair is smooth and soft with no residue; it really is a game changer, seriously!! I wear my hair up alot and cannot tell you how much this has helped. My niece with extremely thick and curly hair loved this product so much after using mine we ordered another for her. This is definitely an amazing buy. Highly recommend!

  51. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    I keep this in my purse to help keep myDaughters fly away during dance competitions! She has red, curly hair so there are always fly away no matter how much gel or hairspray I use. This works for quick fixes before she goes on stage!

  52. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jeanne B

    I love this for fine wisps of hair when putting ponytail up for my granddaughter Just wish it was not made in China

  53. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Works great at laying down those baby hair or fly away strands. Only issue I have is you need to use your finger to push product up while using it. Can be difficult with long nails and while using on other side of head

  54. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Tiarra Norris

    this stuff is great. lasts all day long, but i usually need to double wash my hair to get all of it out

  55. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Love this!!it’s my second one I use for my flyaways and messed up cut I got that some ends broke off..these saved me by using to stick hair down and blend it so you can’t tell I had some short hair ends after the bad cut and for my dry hair ladies or gentlemen…if you have dry hair and lots of fly away these will help slicks them annoying flyaways down😁

  56. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I have a lot of baby hairs and this one product help me to have them on place.What I like most is that it doesn’t harden like a gel or spray does. When I let my ponytail down, my hair is manageable and I like that.

  57. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This product really works great for wanting to have your baby hair to stay down. Just FYI, your hair will look slightly greasy if you put too much on. Overall, I have enjoyed this product

  58. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    We use this to keep fly away down for dance! Works great

  59. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    Good product. I tend to go overboard on applying sometimes especially when in a rush & there is no white residue. This also does not leave a greasy film & is easy to wash out.

  60. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    María cuevas


  61. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    You need this product in your life! Buy it!It is easy to use, you just glide it over your fly aways and they are tamed. It is much more simple than hairspray because you don’t have to mess with a nozzle being stuck from Stickiness and you avoid choking on a cloud of hairspray lol. Additionally, it does not leave the hair looking all ‘hard’ like hairspray does.There appears to be a lot of good ingredients for your hair in this product as well ♥️ I’m really happy I bought this – it was worth every penny!

  62. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    I’ve never used wax on my hair since the 90’s when we were using the orange curling yeah. This one is super soft and melts in the hair well. Your hair remains soft and easy to comb, not greasy or sticky, doesn’t buildup or flake. I do recommend plus I have fine, thin hair and honey 🙌 yesss I’m slicking my hair down and my edges—I’m waxing like crazy lol. My only CON is the pushing up is a bit annoying because it goes back down while using maybe a screw-up instead push-up would be easier…also yes you may have some hairs stick to the wax..kind of a turn off but..ok. I think the price to size ratio is good. I will buy another just to have in more gel this wax lays my pixie hair greatly. It also travels well for a great touch up. I take it everywhere it keeps the shape doesn’t melt. Get some.

  63. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    Hot weather, humidity and cu hair don’t work together and finally I found this product to use when I want to put my hair in a ponytail and my back hair stays in place all day. I use it mostly when I have dirty hair and don’t have time for anything else

  64. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    It keeps the hair in place those little frizz . Especially with a ponytail

  65. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Mary Baker

    I bought this for my husband’s fly away hairs when he wears his ponytail! Great product, and for us, we are sensitive to fragrances! No smell here, just a good, easy to use, hair wax! May I add the stick is fab!!

  66. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Karen Kirkpatrick

    Was looking for a product that would help control hair frizz when pulling hair back into an up-do without making my hair look oily/greasy such as from hairspray.This product works wonders! The stick smells good and doesn’t leave a lot of residue which is great. the additional combs and brushes paired with the wax are fantastic to slick back fly-aways and smooth out your hairstyle.Will be using this product to help with my wedding hairstyle!

  67. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Heather Suarez

    my daughters have fine, curly hair, with a lot of small whisps around their face. I bought this to try to smooth down the front pieces for more slicked back hair styles, and I think it is more suited to straight hair. The tiny curls still find a way of popping up and so we are embracing that. But the function of the thing works well. You push up from the bottom and then can push the wax stick back down. It’s sturdy and you don’t use much each time so I’d think it will last a while.

  68. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    i use this stick for everything and its so good, you always get the perfect slick back. it doesnt smell bad too

  69. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Amazon Customer

    Listen, we all get the urge to chop our hair sometimes.DONT DO IT !but if you do and it gets butchered and you need to slick your hair back into a sleek pony, this is the product for you.It saved me from so much embarrassment !It holds strong but isn’t stiff. It still makes your hair feel soft and not hard.

  70. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Flora MaiaFlora Maia

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    I like to wear my hair on a low bun when it’s too hot or when I just don’t feel like blowdrying it. This is great to keep my hair in place and without flyaways. If you press too hard, on my experience, makes the hair look greasy, so apply it lightly. The packaging is simple, so you push the bottom to get the wax out and have to press the wax down put it back so you can get the lid on. You have to be gentle, but works well for me.

  71. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Aunt Yaro

    Granddaughter asked that I order for her. “All her friends” use this product. She says it’s great so I have to take her word for it. Sorry I can’t comment on it any further. But the young kids seem to know what’s good and what isn’t!

  72. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jen C

    I used this product for the first time this weekend when doing my daughter’s high pony for a cheer competition. It greatly, greatly reduced the amount of fly away hairs. The only down side was that it does go on a bit white and leaves a tiny amount of residue on the hair. Not a deal breaker for us, my daughters have medium/light brown hair but for someone with much darker hair that may be a deterrent.

  73. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    The only thing I don’t love about this is that it leaves your hair kinda gross feelingBut otherwise it’s very good

  74. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    the top of my head looked like I had been electrocuted no matter how I styled it, what leave in treatments I did or anything! a ton of new growth from being postpartum and from damaged hair, it was getting embarrassing. I had tried to just use hair spray, but it didn’t work that well and I didn’t like the feeling on my hair.I decided to give this little stick a try and so far so good! it is SO EASY to use – and while it doesn’t get every hair to lay completely flat, it does enough to make me look like my old self. I am so glad I found this!

  75. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Juniva Bojorquez

    I liked the simplicity of using the product on my hair. It really does help on keeping my baby hair/flyaway hairs down. It makes my hair look super smooth when I’m wearing it up or down.

  76. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    This product is my must have bag all the time. I don’t like adding too much product to my hair. But this works so well without leaving a sticky or heavy residue. It takes my flyaways or just when I won’t my hair pull backed. Will continue to repurchase

  77. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Jamie O.

    I’ve recently been using a product to stimulate hair growth and it’s working. Problem is now I have baby hairs growing that want to stand up after blow drying. This hair stick does the trick to help them lay down. It works great!

  78. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Kyle Savant

    We used product to pull fly away hair out of face for ballet pictures. It kept hair back, easy to apply. Will buy again.

  79. Kellyfen Kellyfen


    We have never used a wax stick before. But my daughter has too many whispys for dance. This has been a game changer. She has been using it everyday to pin down her bangs that shouldn’t be bangs. She loves it. 2 pack was convient. 1 for her. 1 for the dance gear.

  80. Kellyfen Kellyfen

    Kate Halsted

    this is so good for flyaways or if you have breakage at the top of your hair! it smooths it down so well!

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