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Glove withstands extreme heat up to 475 F (246 C) Made of aramid fibers (also used in aerospace and the military) that form a protective heat barrier Silicone textured surface for superior grip Reversible for the left or right hand and long length covers the wrist and lower arm Measures 13″ by 6.3″



Glove withstands extreme heat up to 475 F (246 C) Made of aramid fibers (also used in aerospace and the military) that form a protective heat barrier Silicone textured surface for superior grip Reversible for the left or right hand and long length covers the wrist and lower arm Measures 13″ by 6.3″

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  2. Cenon415

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    These are great for restaurants and backyard bbqs.

    I recently purchased the Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt Glove and it has quickly become an essential tool in my grilling arsenal. The gloves are made of a high-quality, heat-resistant material that protects my hands from extreme heat while grilling or cooking in the oven. The 13-inch length provides ample protection and allows me to reach deep into the grill or oven without burning myself. The mitts are also comfortable to wear and have a non-slip surface, providing a secure grip when handling hot pots, pans, or grilling tools. Overall, I highly recommend the Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt Glove. It’s a must-have for any grill master or home cook looking for added protection in the kitchen. Five stars!

  3. Mud man

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hands have fingers, oven mitts are a natural choice!

    They are great around the Bar b Que, but they are amazing in the kitchen. I do a lot of cooking and I get tired of struggling with an big blulky oven glove with hot items in the stove. This glove goes on smooth, keeps your fingers cool and best of all allow you to grip items safely and with confidence. I no longer struggle with pies and muffin tins, they are so much easier to grab along their thin edge without stuffing the frabric into whatever I am baking. Wonderful mitt, a great gift for anyone who uses an oven.

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  4. Kingazon

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt Glove – For Grill or Oven – Measures 13″ Long

    Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt Glove – For Grill or Oven – Measures 13″ Long. Works great for short term holding of hot items. We bought 2 so we would have a pair.

  5. UsuallySmlng

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    You have to try these!!

    If you have never owned a pit mitt or the original “as seen on tv” product you really have to try one. We have thrown out all other pot holders as these are just amazing. The pit mitt has the added benefit over the other type in that it is black and doesn’t stain (though you can throw them in the wash) The glove is soft and fits all hands enabling you to pull things out of the oven or off the grill without losing the dexterity that a pot holder or one of the silicone gloves loses. The one warning is that you need to be very careful it doesn’t get wet. A wet Pit Mitt whip conduct the heat right through to your hands as it will heat the water temperature and scald you.

  6. Laura C

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    These are fabulous and half price from that expensive kitchen store in the mall. I’ve used these for grilling and in the house. The extra length on the cuffs is great for protecting your forearms when removing a huge turkey or sheet pan from the oven. Also perfect for getting items off the blazing hot rotisserie when grilling. Like any “hot pad” be cautious about getting then damp (say with meat juices while using on the grill) or heat will transfer. Easily cleaned in the washer. A great purchase.

  7. Mark Day

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for handling hot grill parts

    Great for handling hot grill parts, carrying hot pots or pans. I’ve used it to move a hot grill grate over a charcoal fire, without any discomfort. The ribbing at the wrist is longer than other “Ove Glove” products, which I really like around the BBQ (so I don’t accidentally burn myself while bumping into a hot grate). There is a zig-zag layer of grippy material that really helps hold slick surfaces. It hasn’t come off in years of use.I did finally have to replace one glove after many years when the outer fabric started to come apart at the finger tips (though the inner layer was intact). It had been used multiple times a week, and stored in the BBQ cabinet outside.

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  8. Branden Bayview

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for lower temps

    Really love the feel of this glove on, it’s surprisingly soft. Only complaint (which isn’t really one) is that I wish it provided more protection at higher temps. If it did, I would probably only exclusively use this. The description is accurate in that it only really provides protection up to 400ish. Haven’t had to clean the glove yet, but overall lot it. A bit pricey for just 1 glove, but liked it enough to buy 2, and 1 for my neighbor.

  9. Dog Daze

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Successful Burn Prevention

    I bought these gloves after a previous purchase of silicone oven gloves that proved to be an epic fail. I’ve had this pair for awhile and wanted to use them to give an honest opinion. I give them five stars for the following reasons:1) No one has been burned! (unlike silicone glove previously mentioned) 2) The glove extends well up your forearm to protect you from burns on wrists and arms (I am a female 5’3″). 3) Rubber grips on gloves help prevent slips. 4) Soft material fits any position you want your hand in (unlike silicone). Soft material is also comfortable on your hand (unlike silicone) and easy to store (again, unlike silicon).Because of these reasons, I have no fears allowing my 10 yr old son to cook and bake using these gloves. I feel confident his hands, wrists and forearms are safe from burns. I did buy 2 gloves so that myself, my son or whoever was using these could be safe from burns using 2 hands on hot pans. I feel that using 2 hands is safer than one.I read some people feel these are two bulky. I don’t share that opinion, but everyone is different. Small hands have used these safely and without burns and harm successfully. Therefore these are highly recommended from me. I do recommend buying 2. They are sold 1 glove at a time.

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  10. Char

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just ordered my second one!

    Overall, I’m very pleased with the Pit Mitt – just ordered a new one to wear on the other hand. It’s not as insulative as, say, a pair of heavy leather welding gloves, but the tradeoff is a well-fitting, breathable glove that’s comfortable enough to wear for half an hour and thin enough for excellent dexterity and feel. It’s like wearing a lightweight knit winter glove, so you can do a lot, even knifework. The silicone printing on the palm and fingers gives decent grip. I can hold my hand over a full chimney-load of lit charcoal for several minutes at a time, move skewers and saucepans, and pick up grates and planchas with no pain. Extended exposure to heat will eventually warm your hands to an uncomfortable level, but that’s no problem.I’ve had my first for almost a year now, and it’s faded to gray on the palm side that gets the most heat. Otherwise, it’s held up well. The wrist area has stretched out from being used to pull the glove on. It washes in a washing machine and still fits very well.It’t sized for a typical man’s hand. A woman’s hand will swim in it, but it’s as snug as a pair of winter gloves on my hand.Finally, because some reviewers apparently have issues following directions…this is a knitted aramid fabric. It’s not for use with wet ingredients, and if you get it saturated, the heat will be transmitted directly to your hand. Don’t use it for anything but grilling; this is not a stand-in for an oven mitt if you’re liable to splash sauce or water on it.

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  11. Daniel Crandall

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This Glove Is Better, Safer, And Easier To Use Than A Regular Oven Mitt

    Yes, it may be more expensive than other options, but, in this case, you get what you pay for. You can literally place your hand on the grill or stove and not feel the heat. The cuff goes high enough on your forearm to protect it from the heat as well.I use this to not only grill, but also in the house with cast iron pans or with items in the oven. Because it is a glove and not a mitten like most oven mitts, these are much easier to use. I also have to say that these have been more durable than the oven mitts that I had been using, so I am not getting new mitts as often.My only complaint, if you could call it that, would be that you cannot put it in the washing machine.

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